I’m glad my husband is a handyman

Last week my partner and I just reached our four year anniversary.

It is crazy to look back on those days and see how long we have been able to make it together, especially considering the fact that we didn’t exactly meet on the best of terms.

Four years ago I was sleeping in my apartment when out of nowhere I was woken up to loud sounds coming from my air conditioning unit. I honestly had no idea what it could be other than something potentially dangerous, and my first instinct was to call the HVAC company. Luckily for me they were able to send out an HVAC repairman right away, and that the repairman ended up being my future partner. He was extremely nice and calm considering the situation when he arrived, but I was the complete opposite of that. I was very short with him and paced around the room while he was doing his best to get the air conditioning unit up and running, which I am sure wasn’t creating a comfortable working environment for him. Only thirty minutes later the unit began to run as strong as ever and was completely silent. I felt so bad for being rude to him while he was fixing my unit that I offered to make him dinner since it was so late, which he humbly accepted. Four years later and that casual dinner turned into a full blown relationship and we couldn’t be happier. I wish that I wasn’t so rude to him, but I am so thankful that he was able to see past my stressed out state at the time and agreed to have dinner with me!


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We aren’t sure who to rely on

Now that my partner and I have moved to another town to start our new jobs, we are feeling pretty lost. Don’t get me wrong, we love our new jobs. The biggest problem that we are having is transitioning to the new town and all of the things that come with living in a big town. Back in the town that we are both from we never had to worry about options very much. For example, there were only two places to eat in town, and there was only one HVAC repair company in the area. Now that we are living in a place that is one hundred times bigger than our small sounds we have to pick from a very long list of HVAC companies that offer so many different things, different prices, and times that they operate. Having so much flexibility when choosing who to hire would be a positive thing for most people, but for us it drives us crazy. We have been planning to have a new air conditioning unit installed in our home for quite a long time now, but whenever we find the courage and mental patience to try and pick a reputable HVAC company we get overwhelmed and give up. We won’t be able to ignore the problem much longer however, because the summer season is quickly approaching and the AC unit we currently have simply won’t cut it. Change is natural in life and I am positive that we will adjust to the big city lifestyle soon enough, but I am certain that it is going to take at least a few more months.



Both of us aren’t sure who to rely on

Now that my partner plus I have moved to another city to beginning our current jobs, the two of us are feeling pretty lost, however don’t get myself and others wrong, the two of us care about our current jobs, but the largest concern that the two of us are having is transitioning to the current city plus all of the things that come with living in a crucial town! Back in the city that the two of us are both from the two of us never had to worry about possibilities particularly much, for example, there were only several locations to eat in town, plus there was only one Heating & A/C repair contractor in the area, now that the two of us are living in a location that is one hundred times bigger than our small sounds the two of us have to option from a particularly long list of Heating & A/C companies that offer so various peculiar things, peculiar prices, plus times that they operate; Having so much flexibility when choosing who to hire would be a positive thing for everyone, however for us it drives us crazy.

  • Both of us have been planning to have a current equipment installed in our apartment for quite a long time now, however whenever the two of us find the courage plus mental patience to try plus option a reputable Heating & A/C contractor the two of us get overwhelmed plus give up.

Both of us won’t be able to ignore the concern much longer however, because the summer time season is hastily approaching plus the AC equipment the two of us currently have simply won’t cut it, and change is natural in life plus I am positive that the two of us will adjust to the crucial city lifestyle soon enough, however I am particular that it is going to take at least a few more months.


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I wouldn’t mind flying with proper safety features and temperature control

I remember watching this TV show with these people from the future.

When they were talking about travelling, the guy was saying that there was no way he would get on a plane from this time period.

It made me laugh because even I feel the same way about that. I really don’t feel comfortable flying knowing that these airplanes can experience various complications and the whole plane can go crashing to the ground and kill everybody. No thanks, I don’t want that happening to me. I would rather remain safe and sound on the ground. I do believe that air travel will become more advanced as technology continues to rise at such a quick rate. In time, they will make airplanes that probably have back up safety measures perhaps like helicopter blades similar to drones to help the plane safely land instead of crashing. Perhaps there will be other things implemented like some kind of raft like implementation that will protect planes from crashing into the water, so they will float instead of sink. I am very interested in what kind of heating and cooling technology they might have in future airplanes. I really don’t like the type of climate control they have on planes these days. There is no temperature control, there is merely a knob you can adjust the speed of the air flow. The air isn’t very cool and it’s not exactly relaxing. The air quality on planes is a total joke and I hope they come up with some type of advanced HVAC for planes in the future. Maybe if they implement proper temperature control and better safety features, I won’t mind flying.
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Looking forward to the future with flying cars and whole-city air purifiers

We are constantly going through vast improvements with various types of technology.

The improvements in cars are impressive such as having seats that are equipped with built in A/C or heating.

Also the radar systems that are put in place to prevent us from crashing into things on the road are quite impressive. It really is a good thing we have this type of technology these days, especially with all those people always playing on their phones when they are driving. I think it’s a really nice system, I actually was driving a rental car the other day and I had it on cruise control. Even with the cruise control, the car would have me keep a safe distance from the car in front of me. Eventually, I think that we are going to have flying vehicles. Some people think this will be a long way away, but there are already such vehicles that exist. They are built sort of like drones with the quad helicopter blades that allow the vehicle to take flight. They can be programmed to go to certain destinations and of course there are the safety features that are necessary. If the battery is low, the vehicle will know to land in a safe location asap so that you don’t end up falling out of the sky. In time, I’m sure we are going to have massive air traffic with vehicles like this, but they will continue to become more advanced. I’m also looking forward to advanced HVAC technology that is extremely energy efficient. I would like to see advanced air purification systems for whole cities so that smog is eliminated. I am looking forward to the future!


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Christmas shopping online can be hard

Everything turned out well and my brother was happy

Trying to find the perfect gift for someone during the holidays can be hard. When you are stuck at home shopping it can be even harder. When I was pregnant with my son I was confined to bed rest and I had to do all of my holiday shopping online. The biggest problem I had was judging what an item was really like without seeing it or touching it in person. One item in particular was really hard because I also had no idea how to judge how powerful the space heater was that my brother wanted. I didn’t know anything about BTUs or the difference between infrared and coil heating elements. I only had the reviews of customers to go by to decide which one was the best choice. I started by reading the best and worst reviews for each one. This way I could get a good middle of the road opinion on how well they worked or what problems my brother may encounter when he used the unit. After that I decided to order one that was reasonably priced and seemed to be what he needed for his office space. He was always complaining that his home office was too cold and he had to wear his heavy socks and shoes there. I figured he would appreciate having a space heater that he could use under his desk for the times he had to work there. Additionally it would make my sister-in-law happy because she hates when people wear their shoes in the house. Everything turned out well and my brother was happy. I certainly enjoy shopping in person better though.


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Remembering old times while cleaning the garage

With my time for retirement approaching my wife and I have decided that it is time to sell the house.

  • With that decision comes the task of downsizing and cleaning out the clutter that we have collected over the last thirty plus years.

The kids are grown and gone and they have no interest in taking much of the things we don’t want anymore either. This means that we will be selling or donating most of it. When we got to the garage it was like a real treasure hunt. We found everything from our kids old sports equipment to various appliances that we never used anymore. It is amazing how much money we spent over the years on these items that we used once or twice and then cast them aside. For some reason we have purchased four different types of portable heaters and I can’t remember why we would have needed them. Our HVAC system in the house has always worked well and the portable ones are electric. They wouldn’t have worked during an outage anyway so why do we own them. I listed them on the marketplace and they were sold within a couple of days. Those people will probably end up doing the same thing with them years from now too. Remembering all the items that we purchased and spending time going through those memory boxes was a lot of fun and we will take those memories with us to our next place. At least memories don’t take up actual space like all that junk. Downsizing can be hard but fun at the same time.

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Hotels are expensive when they have great amenities

My wife and I rarely go out of town for the night.

  • We have a busy schedule and things get hectic very easily.

When we do stay somewhere, we always make sure to find a very nice hotel room. Neither one of us mind spending more money for a very nice hotel room. Sure, we can go out there and find a dirt cheap room. It might have dirty sheets and a rusty faucet, but it won’t be more than $50 a night. That is not the type of place that my wife and I. Last time we went away for the weekend, we chose a five star hotel with great room amenities. We had a 60in television in the living room and a jacuzzi tub in the bathroom. We also had a separate shower and toilet area. The hotel had a really nice climate control system as well. There was a separate thermostat for our bedroom, so we could independently change the temperature for the living room and the sleeping area. I have rarely found hotels that have two independent temperature control units. Sometimes you don’t even get temperature control. I have been to a hotel with a single dial for hot or cold. There is no temperature settings, so it’s a guessing game for comfort. My wife and I turned the temperature down very low in the bedroom. We slept well, and we woke up feeling refreshed and fully energized. Next time we visit this vacation destination, we will be sure to rent a room at the same lodge.

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Choosing a career is a big choice

I think that my mom and dad were disappointed when I decided to pursue a career in HVAC maintenance.

My parents wanted me to attend a local college, so I could be a scientist, lawyer, or doctor. I really loved attending all of my school classes, and I thought it was fun to learn new information about science, math, and history. Unfortunately, as much as I found school to be interesting, I also loved working with my hands. I took a few classes in school like woodworking, metal shop, and baking. I just needed to find that one thing that made me feel happy. My best friend’s dad is in the HVAC maintenance in the street. My best friend and I always hung out at his house. We watched his dad perform a number of HVAC maintenance tasks. My best friend’s dad was always working on a project in the garage. It made me want to work on my own project. The older that II got, the more I wanted to work with my hands instead. I finally found some nerve and courage one day, and I told my mom and dad that I was going to attend technical school instead of a traditional college. My mom and dad seemed disappointed in the beginning, but now they realize that working with my hands was always my path. I am enrolled in school and I have eight more months before I finish the HVAC program. I have learned a great deal and I can’t wait to apply the knowledge to real world working experience.

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The whole set up is a mess with our HVAC service

It forces myself and others who deal with this to have to fix our own heating system as well as a/c’s, as well as if I am not able to fix our own Heating and Air Conditioning units, I have to hire somebody from a weird town that is over 50 miles away from where I happen to reside

In our town we do not have a heating and air conditioning company, and sadly, what we are stuck with is something that is so unusual you would have to live it, see it and actually experience it to really believe it! We have a single contractor that does all of the trade work in our town for everything under the sun; The guy who owns the contract/supplier type operation is a carpenter, a plumber, an electrician, as well as he has a degree in Heating as well as Air Conditioning repair and installation among other things. He is entirely certified in these trades, but he is not good at any of them. He hires people who don’t think anything either. This means that when our heating system or a/c gets fixed, it gets fixed by some drug addict or some dopey drunk guy that doesn’t think or know anything about Heating or Air Conditioning units which causes more problems than there were before the HVAC visit! Then even the owner of the operation is awful at fixing Heating as well as Air Conditioning units. It forces myself and others who deal with this to have to fix our own heating system as well as a/c’s, as well as if I am not able to fix our own Heating and Air Conditioning units, I have to hire somebody from a weird town that is over 50 miles away from where I happen to reside. We desperately need a legitimately Heating as well as Air Conditioning worker or company to start some kind of Heating as well as Air Conditioning company here. He would make a ton of money guaranteed with the mess we have to deal with now, as well as we would be willing to pay for a qualified Heating as well as Air Conditioning worker at full price.

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