16. I wasn't interested in hearing any more excuses

I run a tight shift at my workshop. I don’t make excuses and I don’t give a lot of second chances. I hired a new kid to work in the shop during the day when the repair technicians are off working on heating and AC service calls. I wanted the guy to clean up the shop, keep things organized, answer phones, and wash the trucks. It was a simple job to be honest and I could have hired nearly anyone off the street to perform the simple tasks. Instead, I hired my nephew. My sister begged me to give the kid a job after he got fired for stealing from the pizza shop. She promised that he didn’t steal anything and Chad said it was a mistake. I wanted to hire someone that wasn’t related to me, but my sister wouldn’t let it go. Chad started last Monday. He was late on the first day, but I gave him a break because it was his first day. On Tuesday, he backed up into one of the heating and AC repair trucks. Thankfully the dent was minor and easily repaired. He was late on Wednesday and he didn’t even show up to work the next day. Friday, I took Chad into the office and I warned him that I didn’t care if he was family. I would still fire him if he didn’t start showing up ready to work. I wasn’t interested in hearing any more excuses from the kid. I gave him a chance and now he needs to prove that I wasn’t wrong.


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