Ordering some parts for an old machine

I was looking through some items in the garage and I found an old oil heater that used to be in my grandparents house.

I can remember sitting by the heater when my sister and I were small children.

We played in the same room and my grandparents always reminded us to stay away from the oil heater. They had a heater in every room of the house and it didn’t seem like a big problem. Nowadays, those oil heaters are considered dangerous. I tried to turn on the power to see if the machine still worked. I didn’t have any luck, but I really wanted to see if I could restore the item to its original condition. I waited until my day off and I opened up the machine to see all of the parts inside. A lot of items were full of rust. I ordered some parts online that I thought would fit the make and model. I couldn’t find anything that was an exact match. I have to wait to wait for the parts to arrive, because they are coming from a foreign country. The prices were just as reasonable as buying the item from a hardware store. Luckily, they didn’t charge an arm and a leg for shipping. I guess that is good since I have to wait two weeks for the package to arrive. I hope I can make some of these parts work, because I would love to see the old machine in working condition. It would definitely make me smile and think of my youthful times.

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AC technician falls right into the pool

This week I had the HVAC technician over to install a new exhaust fan in the bathroom.

  • The exhaust fan has been broken for 6 months or more.

I can’t remember the last time that it worked properly. My wife and I rarely used the bathroom in the hallway, and we don’t often have any visitors. My parents decided to come for a visit next month and I knew it was important to fix the problems in the bathroom before they arrived. I called the HVAC company and they sent someone to fix the problem on Tuesday. The HVAC technician had to walk through the backyard to get to the part of our home where the bathroom is located. On the second trip back from the truck, the HVAC technician was carrying the exhaust fan. I wasn’t watching from the window, but I heard a large splash in the backyard. I turned around the corner and saw the guy trying to get out of the pool. The exhaust fan box was sitting in the water and the guy was soaked and wet. I ran outside with a towel. He looked embarrassed and I didn’t know what to say. I was trying not to laugh, but it was the funniest thing I have seen in a very long time. He dried off his pants and shirt and took off his socks and shoes. He finished installing the exhaust fan which was safely inside plastic. I couldn’t believe that he worked through the entire job. Thankfully, the outdoor weather was warm and sunny, and he appeared to be drying very quickly.



There is a wasp nest in my A/C unit

All of the stings still hurt a lot and I didn’t have anything for the pain.

In my line of work, a lot of strange and odd things occur every day. I have been out to repair someone’s air conditioner and they answered the door wearing nothing except a bikini top. I did ask the gentleman to put on more clothing if he wanted me to repair the air conditioner. I have had a number of clients ask me to leave in the middle of a job, just because they were unsatisfied with the price. I came across a problem this week that rarely occurs and I was surprised so late in the season. It’s getting very cold outside and I rarely see any kind of bees, wasps, or hornets. I was performing an end-of-season tune-up on an air conditioner, when I ran into a very large nest of wasps. I didn’t hear any noise coming from the nest, even when the air conditioner was off. The nest of wasps surprised me and I got stung 12 times. I started yelling and screaming and I probably scared the customer. Thankfully I am not allergic to any kind of bee or wasp. All of the stings still hurt a lot and I didn’t have anything for the pain. I had to leave the customers residence and drive to the drugstore to buy something to put on all of the stings. I was gone for almost an hour, but the customer didn’t complain even once. I think she was just happy to see me come back and fix the air conditioner. That was one of the worst experiences that I have ever had in my six years of HVAC repair work.



A new puppy means running the heater all day

My girlfriend and I talked about getting a puppy for months and months.

  • We went to the shelter every Saturday for the past six weeks.

We finally found the perfect pooch to add to our family. The little guy is a mixed breed. He is three years old and mostly resembles a small French Bulldog. His name is Frenchy which I find to be terribly funny. My girlfriend and I brought Frenchie home on Saturday. We spent most of the day getting to know the little guy. We bought him a small bed and a few toys like balls, stuffed animals, and ropes. On Sunday, we spent most of the day taking the puppy out for a walk. I knew that potty training would be difficult, but I thought a three-year-old dog would not have a lot of accidents. Monday morning, I was getting ready for work. I normally turn off the heater in the morning, before I leave for the office. As soon as I reached for the thermostat, I thought about Frenchy. I didn’t want to leave him alone all day without any heat, so I decided to let the furnace run. I knew the heat would feel great and I hoped it would comfort the little guy. One of my neighbors came over at lunch to take Frenchy for a walk. Frenchy was laying in his bed half asleep, but most of the couch was torn to shreds. My neighbor took a few pictures and texted me. I couldn’t believe Frenchy caused such a big mess in the house. He completely destroyed my brand new sofa.


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We need to buy a new copier for the main office

I printed a stack of copies in the office this morning.

I didn’t bother to look at all of the copies before I left to meet with a client.

When I opened my briefcase to view all of the copies, I quickly realized that half of the page was blank. The customer wasn’t happy with the copies either. Most of the important information was missing from the bottom of the page. We have had problems with the copier in our main office for the past six months. I’ve been putting off replacing the copier, but it is clear that the time has come. The heating and cooling business is always very busy and I probably print 500 or 600 sheets of paper every day. When I opened the heating and cooling business five years ago, I purchased the copier and printer from a liquidation sale. It was a refurbished model at that time and I did not expect it to last five years. Now it’s time to finally buy a new copier and I don’t want to spend the money. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to run a successful heating and cooling business without printing some bills. We don’t bill many of our commercial clients until the end of the month. It’s easier than printing ten or fifteen different bills every day, but it puts a lot of strain on the copier every Friday. I’m going to contact a few manufacturers in the area to see if they have any refurbished models on sale. If I get lucky, perhaps I can find a really nice copier at a decent and affordable price.


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My Personal Gym Made from Shipping Container

For as long as I can remember I have experienced inferior gym spaces. I entirely prefer getting my exercise in my home, however for a long time it was not possible. I never had enough room plus the weather outdoors never permitted me to work out all year long, but getting a gym membership cost too much and was time consuming plus frustrating. I finally decided to get myself a containerized gym. I have a shipping tote right next to the house. It has a door, window and resembles a real addition to my home. Inside it is my perfect gym space. I have ceilings that are high enough for me to do whatever I want in there. It is wide enough plus long enough to accomodate the exercise equipment I have purchased. I also have an electrical outlet in there to charge up my iPhone plus hook a speaker system too. I even got Heating plus Air Conditioning installed so I can use my tote gym all year around. All my stuff fits perfectly inside the space. I have shelving units to hold my hand weights, wobble board plus medicine balls. I have a place to hang my jump rope plus a cubby to put my water bottle in. It literally is the ideal personal gym. That space has become my favorite single in the home. I look forward to getting my exercise every day. I have the smart control component in the shipping tote set to start the temperature control a minute before I get in plus to turn off right before I leave. The space is totally private, comfortable, and functional. The price tag on a tote gym is quite a bit lower than you would think too.
ISO Shipping Containers

My Company’s Office Space is Built inside a Shipping Container

I had some entirely bad luck not long ago.

Thankfully everything has turned out alright, however at first I thought I was totally out of luck.

I purchased a building that was supposed to be my new office space. A month before I was going to move in all my device plus my workers, it burned to the ground. I was devastated to lose the space plus scrambled on what to do. I thought I would be required to let all the people work from the house until a new building was constructed. Dealing with building companies was a nightmare. They wanted too much money plus took too much time. I needed a fast and simple solution. I found online that people use shipping containers for office spaces now. The tote office spaces were amazing that I saw. I instantly contacted the shipping tote company and we designed my new office building. It looks like a giant grey box. Even so, the interior is a real office space. Every single of my workers has their own space with a door. There are plenty of electrical outlets to put in their computers. I then had a powder room facility with a hand sink plus soap dispensers designed and added. I had an area dedicated to serve as a conference room as well. It is a real toiling office. It is designed just the way I want it to be and I think it is the perfect size. The cost of doing a modular office was significantly less than constructing a real building. It took around half the time to be built as well. Also, no resources were wasted doing modular construction vs what an onsite construction crew would do.

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MOUT Training Centers Used for Military Training

My sister has a lot of interesting stories from the years she was in the military.

What is my favorite story is when she was in training.

Apparently the military has changed to using shipping containers; Not only is the military base a giant shipping tote with bedrooms, showers plus toilets, they also have shipping containers for training. MOUT villages are big in the military at this time. The acronym stands for military operations urban terrain. It is made from ISO shipping containers or blast-resistant prefabricated walls. The MOUT town is made to depict what a soldier might come into contact with in battle. It is set up to savor a fake military operation. The soldiers can experience what it might be like to be deschemed plus be in an odd region. Each terrain replicates a real life scenario. My sister was able to prepare for the terrain, buildings plus grids for everywhere she would be sent. She also got to experience breaching doors, the roof, going through windows plus a usual door break-in. She got to handle obstructed viewing, and see where certain buildings would be located, suppliers plus homes that would be in her deployment. The MOUT town also boasts a shooting range with a wide variety of targets. The shipping container is bulletproof, fireproof plus totally airtight. It was entirely cool hearing about the training facility my sister was in. It also put my family more at ease because every one of us knew she would be ready before going into a potentially dangerous deployment. She was given the best tools possible to handle her deployment in another country.

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Shipping Containers Used by the Military

When I signed up to join the military I was surprised by the base.

I pictured sleeping in a tent in the middle of nothingness.

I pictured sand getting in my eyes, ears plus up my nose. The base was entirely a huge shipping container. Apparently a new thing is military plus training facilities built from shipping containers, but from the outside the military base looks savor a long grey box. On the interior, each of us have our own little space with a bunk. There is electricity, water and sewer lines plus Heating plus Air Conditioning in the tote military facility. The prefab powder room space has a dozen individual toilet stalls plus a dozen shower stalls. The water pressure is better than at my house plus it is set up just savor a real powder room. The two of us get to use soap dispensers plus hand sinks. You would never think that it is a shipping tote once you are in the interior. It is nice being totally sealed away from the outside. The tote is completely sealed so no bugs or critters get into it. What is entirely amazing is that the entire tote is also completely bulletproof. Obviously for military situations this is amazing. Also the training facility is adjacent, you never know what might happen. Having a fireproof plus bulletproof facility just makes sense. The training facility is neat because there are steel targets, bullet traps plus shooting ranges located in house, but literally anything you can think of is in the training facility. This facility entirely helps our skills stay sharp plus our minds focused. There is no concern about horrifying anyone since it is in a separate area too.

Repurposed shipping containers

Modular Laundry Room Built from Container

When my girl plus I relocated into our home, the laundry situation was a mess.

  • The laundry room was tiny plus the machines were ancient.

My girl ended up ripping out the washers plus making it a storage component for us. Well that made it so I did not have anywhere to get my laundry done. A woman can only go to the laundromat so multiple times before it gets on their nerves. I then purchased myself a brand new stackable washer plus dryer. Sadly the only location I could put it was right in our front dining room. It was horrible walking around the laundry machines plus it looked unsightly. I had nowhere to store my basket, detergent, hangers or laundry pods. I ended up getting a laundry room shipping container… Container laundry rooms are incredible. It looks like a giant grey box sitting next to our house. Inside it is so much more amazing. The stackable washer plus dryer fits perfectly. I have shelves for all the laundry needs I have plus a cubby to put my bin in. I have toiling electric plus Heating plus Air Conditioning in the tote laundry room, as well. It is now the best room in the house! The cost of a tote laundry space was not astronomical.I have even thought about making a tote workout room for myself. I could make it a little wider plus longer than the laundry room. It could be a great way to get my exercise. I could store all my devices in there plus then have additional space inside our house for other more pressing things.

Repurposed shipping containers