Prefab Showers for the Triathlon Ruin My Excuse

My sisters are asking me to do a triathlon with them.

To me that sounds just horrible, however did you know it costs money to do something that unpleasant? First you swim, then you pedal away on a bicycle plus then end the triathlon with a run.

Why would a woman do this? You don’t get any money, prestige or even a trophy. Some people savor doing it for the sense of accomplishment. I am pretty sure I could physically do it, however there is no way I entirely will do it. My sisters don’t understand my reluctance though. I have been trying to give them a nice excuse that they can’t pooh-pooh away. The newest single I tried was saying that salt water irritates my skin. After a long swim in the ocean, I would have that gross saltwater bothering my skin while I was cycling and running. My sister looked up the course layout plus found that a shipping tote company is completely setting up a prefab powder room at each station. This means after a freestroking through the ocean, there is a modular powder room component waiting. There are 12 individual toilet stalls plus 6 showers to be had. The prefab powder room has Heating plus Air Conditioning, plumbing plus electricity. Every woman can pee, shower plus then have a new outfit before cycling. I know savor that would entirely ruin your triathlon time. I do think it is entirely cool that the modular changing station is provided though. I still don’t want to do the competition, though. The powder rooms do entice me a little bit. I savor that I could go to the bathroom if I needed to.
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Traveling with My Modular Bedroom Setup

America totally needs to get it together when it comes to renting out apartments.

In America when you lease a house you get the appliances with it, you are paying for the rental’s terrible fridge, stove plus counter space.

Rarely is the bedroom exactly what you want. In Europe when you lease, you are just getting a space with hookups. Renting in Europe is so much less expensive. I simply purchased a modular bedroom component that travels with me from apartment to apartment. My bedroom component is a giant block that has all the stuff I want or need. The block is more than two sections plus a top plus bottom, and on top I have burners, counter space plus a chopping block. The bottom area is the bottom of the stove, drawers and a dorm sized refrigerator. It has everything I could need all in a single small cube. I just move the block with me as I travel. I know that all my appliances work plus I can put it where I want it to be. The lease price significantly goes down plus my convenience goes up. I don’t have to be concerned about ancient, rusted or non toiling bedroom appliances; Everything is all my responsibility. Slowly I have seen the rental situation change in America. More plus more people now are enjoying prefab bedrooms. They are designing blocks of bedroom space plus then placing those modular bedrooms inside their homes. This now needs to move into the rental business. It is better for both owners and renters to do it this way.
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Hurricane Damage but I Discovered Modular Bathroom While House Repaired

I live in a major flood zone.

Whenever there is a hurricane warning, my house is covered in orange and officials tell us to evacuate.

Typically I return to a bit of a mess, however nothing super bad has happened. I usually option up sticks, replace a window plus lose a tree or 2. This time a big old honkin’ tree fell plus landed on my house. My roof was totally busted plus my bathroom was demolished. I had to get a tree removal company out, a roofing company, plumber plus even a flooring corporation to come and repair stuff at my home. Since the roof was removed plus the powder room was no longer under cover, I could not use that powder room. I looked around to find answers to my problem. I did not want to rent a porta potty since that is absolutely disgusting plus did not contain a shower unit. I thought about only using the gym facilities that are fairly close to my home. I then found online that I can get a modular toilet delivered to my property temporarily. It is technically a shipping tote that is converted into a powder room space. I ordered a powder room stall, shower space, hand sink plus even a dryer for my temporary bathroom. The prefab toilet also had electricity, heating plus cooling in it. It was so nice having the modular toilet plus shower right there next to my house. I had it shipped out to my house plus just used it when I needed to. That way I was able to still live at home plus watch the repair process take site.



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Storage Unit When Dad Died

It is not the best venue for it, however for now it will have to suffice

I had to be willing to negotiate with a shipping tote company in order to get a custom storage unit. My father recently died plus I was at a loss on what to do with her possessions. My nephew was in a big rush to buy plus move into her house, but she did not want anything that came with the house despite the fact. I did not want to sell or toss all my father’s things but, so now I am storing everything in a handy storage container. It entirely was a truly simple process to arrange for purchase of the shipping container. I called up the company plus got an option between 10, 20 or 30 feet dimension security containers. I then let them know if I needed plumbing, electricity or Heating plus Air Conditioning. I got an option if I preferred a window with the shipping tote or a ventilation system. The built-to-suit storage tote has powered locks plus is completely airtight. There is no opportunity that moisture or pest damage will happen to my father’s stuff. What is especially convenient is that each security tote has divots in the side of it. The divots are there so a forklift can option up my custom storage tote plus move it wherever I want, but as it stands right now I have the tote right in my backyard. It is not the best venue for it, however for now it will have to suffice. I savor knowing that all my father’s things are in a waterproof storage space. I even have put a few of my own things in there that I don’t want to have cluttering up my house.


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Camping With Friends

My close group of friends plus I have a campsite that every one of us go to every summer, but it is adjacent to a lake, in the middle of the woods plus is a couple miles outside of a town. It is far enough away so we enjoy being out of town, however close enough that it is not a big long drive, and what was awful is that every one of us used to rely on a giant RV; The RV was the perfect mode of travel, bed plus toilet. That meant anytime I had to run into the city for a few foodstuffs or toiletries, I had to drive that huge machine. The RV wasted so much gas, was almost impossible to park plus was slowly getting worse overtime. Mold was absolutely in the walls plus flooring. My non-argumentative adolescents constantly got a cold over the summer. The shower occasionally was not operational plus the fridge made a noise that kept all the people up. I finally got one of my friends to get rid of the RV plus instead get a tote cottage! A shipping tote converted into a little house doesn’t sound expensive however it entirely is. A shipping tote little house from the outside looks savor a giant grey box with windows. Instead the tote cottages have all the necessities a family could need. The two of us have a bedroom plus den. My friends plus I have a bedroom plus everyone’s kids share a room. There is even a powder room with a shower stall plus toilet. The tote little house has all the necessary elements plus is the ideal size. It is nice driving a small automobile to the campsite plus being able to take off when every one of us wants.


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Yoga provides fitness benefits

I’ve recently started participating in yoga classes. I’ve discovered that it’s an awesome way to increase both strength and flexibility. What’s great about yoga, is that anyone of any fitness level can do it. The class can be easily adjusted to cater to different intensity. While some styles of yoga focus on relaxation, other forms require more movement and are quite demanding. I’ve found that learning poses or asanas is always a big part, as is an attention to breathing. Yoga poses are designed to stretch the muscles and help to increase range of motion. After a yoga session, my body feels very loose and energized. I no longer deal with as much fatigue and stiffness when I get up in the morning, or at the end of a day of work. Shortly after I started taking the yoga classes, I began to notice benefits. Although I’ve never been naturally flexible, the different poses have really made a difference. From a standing position, I can bend over, keep my legs straight and easily place my hands on the floor now. That is something I never thought I’d achieve. I have participated in both ashtanga and power yoga, which are extremely physical. At first, I struggled to maintain the more demanding poses. As I’ve increased strength and muscle tone, I’ve gotten much better. I feel such a sense of accomplishment and it encourages me to work harder and get in even better shape. I like that I have more endurance and can now support my own weight for extended periods of time. Some of the poses, such as the plank pose and upward dog help to build upper-body strength. The standing poses target the hamstrings, quadriceps and abdominal muscles. Nearly all of the maneuvers build core strength.

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Can’t get husband to work out or eat healthy

I can’t convince my husband to work out.

I’ve made physical fitness a priority my entire life.

We’re now of retirement age, and we purchased a small home down south. Because my husband isn’t heading to work everyday and worrying about shoveling snow or mowing a giant lawn, he doesn’t have much to do. He tends to sleep until nearly eleven o’clock in the morning everyday. Once he gets up, he spends several hours sitting on the front porch, drinking coffee, reading the paper or watching videos on his laptop. He frequently makes himself a cheeseburger on the grill for lunch and likes to have steak for dinner. In the evenings, he tends to snack on cheese and crackers, potato chips or ice cream. He’s put on quite a bit of weight, and he’s started to complain of some physical problems. Anytime he does anything physical, such as raking leaves or cleaning out the gutters, he has problems with his back, hips and knees. I keep telling him this is because he’s in terrible physical condition. At the very least, he should be taking the time to stretch his muscles everyday. It can be as simple as rotating joints and hitting some simple yoga poses. Ideally, he’d elevate his heart rate, get sweaty and out of breath. I’ve suggested he go for a walk, a run or bike ride with me, but he always refuses. I’ve tried to get him to join a gym with me but he won’t do that either. I get up every day at eight o’clock in the morning and workout for at least an hour. When my husband and I tackle a household project, I never get sore or exhausted. I can still fit into the same pants I wore in college. I am worried that my husband’s quality of life is going to significantly decline because of his lack of good nutrition and fitness.

Workout plans

Unrealistic fitness goals leads to stress

Over the years, I’ve realized the importance of setting fitness goals.

Having something to achieve not only motivates me but holds me more accountable.

When there is a target to reach, I am more likely to push myself and resist the temptation of fatigue. I’ve also learned that I need to set realistic goals. I want to encourage myself toward success and not add stress to my life or set myself up for certain failure. It can be easy to get discouraged if the goals aren’t attainable. When I was younger, I often expected way too much of myself. By being unrealistic, I became discouraged and was tempted to quit. My workouts weren’t enjoyable. They were disappointing and made me feel bad about myself. I am, however, determined to follow a healthy lifestyle. I know that by spending time in the gym everyday, I will increase strength, keep my weight down and age more gracefully. My mistake was trying to accomplish too much too quickly. I became so focused on the goals I’d set for my diet, schedule and exercise plan that I felt guilty whenever I did something else. I questioned everything I ate, struggled to relax and had trouble sleeping. I was so tired in the mornings that I’d sometimes fail to get up on time. This led to more guilt and stress. Working out when I was exhausted and putting so much pressure on myself didn’t help me to achieve my goals. I finally realized that I needed to set more attainable targets and prioritize. Instead of focusing on losing a certain number of pounds within a specific timeframe, I cut back on sugar and introduced more vegetables into my diet. For my level of fitness, I worked on gradual increases in speed, stamina and strength. Achieving these small goals boosted my confidence and helped to motivate me. I’ve learned to stop competing with other people and have more realistic expectations for myself.


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Sticking to New Year’s resolution to workout

Every New Year’s eve, I get determined to get in better shape.

I usually try some new diet or exercise craze and always give up by the end of February. This year, I made a resolution to sign up and attend a local gym. I knew that I needed to make major and permanent changes to my lifestyle. Forcing myself to go to the gym was difficult in the beginning. I was intimidated by my weight and was new to working out. Everyone at the gym seemed to be perfectly fit and knowledgeable. I overcame this awkwardness by making a plan before I even stepped through the doors. I simply headed straight to the nearest treadmill for every workout. While the other equipment was unfamiliar and seemed complicated, I knew I wouldn’t embarrass myself on the treadmill. I noticed that a lot of people were just walking for their workout while others were sprinting the whole time. I told myself there was no need to compete with them and to simply set my own pace. I slowly built up more stamina and was able to increase my speed and the duration of the workout. This helped me to gain confidence, and I was ready to try out the other equipment. I watched different people to learn how everything operated. I went shopping and bought myself new workout clothes and really good sneakers. Dressing appropriately was not only good for my workout but made me feel better about myself. I started engaging in friendly conversation with the staff at the front desk. Now that they all welcome me by name, it’s much easier for me to visit the gym. I’m comfortable asking them questions and for help and recommendations. Although I’ve become more relaxed at the gym, I still plan my workout before I arrive. I don’t want to waste my time. I decide how much time I’ll devote to the machines, how long I’ll spend on ab crunches and what I’ll do for the cardio portion. This ensures a structured and effective workout, and I’ve seen some really encouraging results.

Core progression

Differing opinions on training methods

He encourages squats, lunges and chinups

In a lot of ways, my husband Hank and I couldn’t be more different. Hank likes to watch football while I am a hockey fan. His favorite meal is steak and potatoes and I’m a vegetarian. He drives an oversized four-wheel drive truck and I ride my bicycle whenever possible. Hank always chooses action movies and I would rather watch romantic comedies. My husband is six foot two and weighs around two hundred pounds. I’m slightly over five feet tall and weigh just over a hundred pounds. For all of our differences, Hank and I get along really well. We are both very committed to fitness. We both prioritize our exercise regiment, setting aside around an hour every day for physical activity. However, our approach is nothing alike. Hank focuses mainly on weight lifting and building muscle. He pushes himself to lift heavier and heavier weights. When he’s not working with free weights, barbells or kettlebells, he’s doing pushups and pullups. I don’t like strength training and typically skip it entirely. I devote the majority of my workout to cardio training. I like to get my heart pumping and out of breath. I do a lot of running, both outside and on the treadmill. I’m a big fan of the elliptical and the rowing machine. Hank and I are constantly trying to influence each other’s workouts. He shows me different types of lifts that he thinks would work well for me. He encourages squats, lunges and chinups. I try to get him to run or swim with me and encourage high intensity activities. We both agree on the importance of the warmup, cooldown and stretching to gain flexibility.

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