Boat Ride

I have been hanging out with a new group of friends for the past few weeks and they have introduced me to a lifestyle that I am not sure I can keep up with.

  • My new friends I met through work, but I am much younger than them and make much less money.

My new friends like to go out every night of the week and have expensive dinners with drinks. On the weekends they are always doing some new activities that cost a lot of money to participate in. I think I am going to stop hanging out with them as much but they are so fun that I don’t really want to. I want to be able to keep up with my new friends but I just can’t keep spending money like they do because I want to be able to save money for my future. Well, right as I was thinking all of this I got invited to go on a boat with them this weekend. I thought it would be harmless so I accepted the invite. However, right when I saw the boat I knew that it wasn’t going to be a normal boat. Not only was the boat huge it also had a heating and cooling system in the cabin. I had never been in a boat that had a giant cabin, much less a heating and cooling system. I guess it was a good idea to have a boat with a heating and cooling system in case it got hot during the day or too cold at night. If I stay friends with these people my views on what is normal might start to change.

Why do I even live here

I cannot believe I allowed my fiance to convince me to move to the south. My fiance grew up in the south. I don’t mind that, and I didn’t even mind moving here, even though I’m a northerner at heart. That is until I realized how terrible the humidity is here. I’ll admit, I could’ve reacted better as I’ve been complaining about it since the day we arrived. But this horrid humidity is ruining everything! Just this morning my hair was messed up after two hours of making it perfect because there’s so much humidity in the air I might as well pour a bucket of water over my head! I’m sure the result would be the same! I knew that the air conditioning unit could remove humidity and so lately I’ve been keeping our a/c on full blast. But that didn’t solve anything, all it did was drive our bills up and freeze us to death. Finally, my fiance came to me one day, seeing how unhappy I was and suggested we move back north. But I couldn’t do that, not now! He was so happy, surrounded by his friends and family. Despite my misery, I didn’t want to be the one to take him away from all that. How could I be happy if he wasn’t? Then he came up with a brilliant idea that should solve both of our problems. He showed me the website of a nearby heating and cooling company. The HVAC business sold a variety of items, furnaces, air conditioners, gas fireplaces, heater parts, a/c parts, and many more. But they had something we needed. A dehumidifier. Immediately we purchased not one but two. Life here in the south has been perfect ever since. It really was the perfect compromise for my fiance and I.


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Delicate child

When I found out I was pregnant I was thrilled to become a mom.

Everything went smoothly and I had a healthy baby girl.

However, early on my little girl developed a high sensitivity to dirt and bacteria. Ever since then my husband and I have been vigilant to keep the air quality in our home perfect to help our baby breathe. We did all our research and looked at the best ways we could help ensure that our daughter would breathe easily. We made a checklist and refused to rest until everything was checked off and done. The first thing we did was have our entire heating and cooling system replaced. We browsed online until we found the perfect model, it was a bit expensive but well worth it. Only a week after viewing it, we had the local HVAC technician come out and install our pricey heater and air conditioner. First thing done. Next we got several portable air purifiers and placed one in every room of the house and two in our daughter’s room. Everything was going to plan and our daughters breathing improved drastically, but I still wasn’t entirely satisfied, as a mom I wanted the best of the best of my child. I wanted a whole home air purification system, but it was way out of my budget. So I found a way to borrow the money, and a few months later it was installed. Everything has been going great and our daughter hasn’t had breathing issues since.


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Summer is a great time to buy a discounted furnace or space heater

Living in a city that is a huge tourist attraction for both the retired and the elderly comes with its own pros and cons.

We’re in the south so the tourists are largely coming here to escape the cold winters up north.

That makes late autumn to early spring an incredibly busy time for us, both on the roads and in the stores. But by the time summer rolls around, it’s like us locals get the town to ourselves again. You can actually drive to work without worrying about an unseen traffic jam or car accident that is keeping all lanes at a total stand still. By the time summer rolls around, these experiences are a thing of the past. The road feels open and calm while the stores are maintaining their stock levels on items that fly off the shelf during each tourist season. There are certain kinds of meat that I can never find unless I wait until May or June each year when all of the tourists can return to their northern homes. Few of them realize what they’re missing out on, because summer is the one time of the year where there seem to be the most sales and clearances, short of the holiday season in the late fall through the end of winter. One item that I always find discounted in the summer is a space heater. No one is buying them, and whatever few that are still sitting on the shelves have been clearanced out to make room for the air conditioners and dehumidifiers that are sold in the same section during the summer season by contrast. I got a $100 space heater that looks like a fake fireplace, and it was only $60 after tax once the discounts were added up.

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I’m enjoying my new portable air conditioner

Sometimes it pays to have a store credit card, particularly if it’s a place where you regularly make large purchases.

There’s a large chain electronics and appliance store that I have been going to for the past 20 years or more.

It has been so long that I remember back when they were selling musical instruments for a few years during the Great Recession. When that venture failed spectacularly, they decided to stick with what they did best—computers, cell phones, TVs, and appliances. By this time I had already bought a store credit card, so I kept getting my computers and large appliances at this location so I could save as much money as possible. Plus, I absolutely loved the huge sales they would host once a month. I got a 55” 4k television with surround sound speakers for just under $400 last year. My most recent purchase at this store was not something from the electronics aisle, instead I scored an amazing deal on a portable air conditioner. They were offering portable air conditioners with 10,000 BTUs of cooling power for only $300. These portable air conditioners were rated for spaces as large as 350 square feet. I doubt I would have bought this clearanced air conditioner if not for the store credit card, because in the end it was the credit card that nabbed me an additional 15% off on top of the initial discount. For machines that usually run upwards to $400 or more, I definitely got a really good deal. Now I just need to install the device at my home so I can get cool air flowing through my home again.
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Dad and I did it right

My father in addition to I always wanted to have a big father son project together.

So, we went out and built a 20 horse barn with our own two hands.

It took us 3 years to do it however it looks amazing now. The very first things that went up were the roof in addition to the thick support beams. The people I was with and I were absolutely worried about the problem of moisture accumulation so both of us wanted to cover the roof instantly. That’s exactly when our first argument broke out. I wanted to use an old fashioned and time-tested shingle roof in addition to our father wanted to use something that would be a little bit easier in addition to cheaper. The roof on the barn is a slant roof. That simply means it’s basically one large rectangle. After looking at some roofing opportunities together, I started to agree with our father. It seemed that using EPDM roofing would be the best solution for us. It’s basically an absolutely large single sheet of rubber that you roll out in addition to position across your roof. It’s absolutely that easy. The people I was with and I were able to quickly waterproof the roof of the barn in a single day with the EPDM materials. As an added bonus for everyone, the EPDM roofing can last up to 50 years. That means it’ll be up to our children, or maybe the grandchildren to repair the roof someday. I won’t have to worry about it ever again. That’s just perfect. After the roof was installed, I have to say, I received a lot of good information about building this horse barn. I almost want to start building a lake house now.


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Please come take a look first

I can’t tell you how ecstatic I am that both of us thoughtfully got a commercial roofing inspection before buying that property a few weeks ago.

The location was fantastic in addition to the price honestly seemed reasonable.

A quick walk-through of the building did not set off any massive red alarms either. However, the realtor recommended both of us get a respectable commercial roofing inspection done based on the fact that she saw some unfortunate discoloration in the ceiling tiles. The people I was with and I were about to simply blow that off however a friend of ours convinced us otherwise. He reported that he had not gotten the commercial roofing inspection done prior to purchasing the old warehouse he has using now. He said that that was a honestly costly mistake for him to make, in addition to it ended up setting back his plans numerous months in addition to costing him many tens of thousands of dollars in roof service in addition to massive lost revenue. Once both of us heard that, both of us made the decision to do the right thing, go ahead, and hire a commercial roofing company to take a look at the failing roof of the property both of us had been looking at. Thank God both of us did that! The roofing company informed us that the building would need to quickly have a complete roof substituting done. He said it was so rotten out up there that he was scared to walk around on the roof. He had lots of pictures of resting water in addition to busted up areas where the roof was pulling away from the structure itself. Obviously, after the roofer sent his report, both of us opted not to purchase that property. That roofing inspection went well, in a way.



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The nostalgia is so worth it

Grandpa used to happily live in this old cottage with a tin roof for many years in addition to a wood-burning stove.

I really loved going to visit Grandpa.

The people I was with and I would all sleep in our sleeping bags in addition to listen to the rain on the roof when it stormed. When I was a kid, I used to say that I wanted a tin roof when I got older too. It sadly wasn’t until I grew up, that I realized that nobody uses tin roofs unless they can’t afford to purchase anything better. Still, I missed hearing the rain on the tin roof. I had not heard it myself in decades until I stayed over at a friend’s lake house while on a busy contractor trip. It rained in addition to I heard that charming sound once again. But after that evening, I was a little surprised because it was clear that she didn’t have an old fashioned tin roof like the one our Grandpa used to have. It looked like she just had regular shingles on her roof like anybody else. Still, I had to ask. That’s when she explained to me that in reality, she has a metal roof. Those shingles are not made out of tar paper, they are secretly metal. She explained that metal lasts longer than tar paper in addition to it being a great deal more fire retardant. That’s important for the area she lives in. I didn’t think that I could get metal roofing shingles put on our lake house. On our flight home, I looked up metal roofing shingles and got very excited. I want to hear the rain through the roof, just like I did at Grandpa’s house.

roof insulation

It seems like a tall order these days

I’m looking for some commercial roof substitution for our storefront, ASAP.

I don’t even think where to start with this project even though I absolutely need to figure it out. What started out as a small leak in our ceiling, has absolutely grown. And now, I have noticed more than two more small leaks in the building. I have called up a few roofers in the local town however all of them say they only work with residential buildings and they only do construction with tar paper in addition to shingles in addition to stuff like that. Now, from what I understand, I need modified bitumen roofing or what’s known as TPO roofing; Commercial roofs are honestly different from residential roofing materials. Not only in the roofing materials however in how the materials are regularly used. Most dealers in this area have storefronts with more common roof types like shingles. In other words, the majority of the dealers in this area have a simple tar paper in addition to shingle roofs. That’s because almost all of them were first converted from houses, at one point or another. My shop was only built about 20 years ago in addition to it came with the flat roof style. I wish I could find the company who built our lake house because I’m slowly getting more desperate for commercial roof repair. I have tried calling roofing companies up in the large city near us. They refused to drive out this far to service our roof. So I’m kind of at a loss with this project. I guess I’ll repair it myself.
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We tried to protect her

The people I was with and I always take good care of our things.

That’s why we try to transfer our hubby’s Corvette into the garage when both of us get a storm watch.

He prefers that car, more than he prefers his family or himself, I think. Last week, both of us were on tornado watch so, of course, both of us went out dutifully and moved his automobile into the garage, as usual. The people I was with and I were all feeling truly ecstatic that both of us did when both of us heard hail hitting the old roof shortly thereafter. The people I was with and I luckily never did get the tornado touchdown, however the hefty hail did a lot of disfigurement. My truck is all dented up now in addition to I need a new windshield for it before I can drive. The people I was with and I thought the Corvette would be okay in the garage however it was not. Hail l went right through the roof of the garage that night, knocked down a bunch of stuff, in addition to dented up the Corvette pretty badly with hail and falling tools. So now our truck needs repair, the Corvette needs repair, in addition to we need professional roof service done. The people I was with and I started with the roof service right away so that both of us could have some covering over our injured vehicles while they were cosmetically repaired too. The roofers were able to come out super abruptly in addition to patch up the holes in the garage roof. They actually said they had never seen hail go right through a solid roof like that. It’s tough to remember how fortunate you are when you have so much disfigurement to take care of. But things could always be worse. We could have more than dents in both of our vehicles,


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