You shouldn’t skimp on the HVAC repair

For sure, there is nothing wrong with saving some cash for your family.

I will do just about anything ethical to save some spare pennies on the household budget.

The cash saved goes right in the savings account my wife and I share. But, there are still limits that I maintain when it comes to saving large amounts of cash. Being raised as I was to have the confidence to be financially independent & self satisfactory is a plus. The people I was with and I actually grew up in a situation where the household was a family effort. Everyone of us growing up had chores to do & the people I was with and I did them in order to keep our home. That spilled over into my life & ethic as an adult. I don’t just come to the lake house & hit the couch after work every evening to soak up HVAC for a few hours & then hit the sack. No, I enjoy using my time & doing stuff. One of the things that I still enjoy to do is to go out and repair things that might otherwise just get thrown out. This is a great idea whenever it comes to reducing our waste. But, it’s a horrible idea most of the time when it comes to something as crucial as your HVAC repair. I have actually no knowledge to be anywhere near an HVAC repair. Unfortunately for me, it cost myself and others almost an extra thousand bucks to learn that lesson. The alarm bells were definitely going off in my head as I took the panel off the HVAC air handler. I clearly knew better than to do what I was doing. But, full head of partial understanding, I inspected my HVAC issues & stupidly thought I would have a look. I mean why not save an HVAC repair charge right? Now we need a new HVAC system.

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Get a brighter thermostat and a better energy bill

I would be that man who almost goes to detrimental lengths to not fall for the latest & greatest tech gadgets. That is mainly just because I tend to be a sucker for tech stuff that generally is completely obsolete in a year. I actually don’t guess enough about modern technology to be able to determine what is trendy & what is actually elemental for most people. So, when my buddies get some new electronic device that regularly makes life all that much easier, I tend to just glaze over. Otherwise, I’ll simply want it. The HVAC smart thermostat, however, I’ll admit was a weird matter altogether. I was late to the party this time when it came to the smart thermostat but, I actually remember it being marketed. But, I don’t think I actually purposely saw a single up close for over a year. Then, one day I went to my dad’s for his birthday. This man is in his late seventies & he spotted an absolute winner in the smart HVAC thermostat. He had a single installed pretty quick. So, when I got to putter around with it for a few moments & see it in action, I was enthralled. The first month he had it installed, he saw huge savings on his energy bill. I mean on the order of something like 25 percent! That was all it took to sweep myself and others off my feet. It took no more than five minutes or so worth of research to find the model of HVAC smart thermostat that would easily fit our needs best. I am cheerful beyond belief with the performance & even more giddy each day over the significant energy savings that the people I was with and I are seeing.



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Get it out of here once and for all

I am so not the sort that easily embraces the seemingly throw away aspect of our mankind.

That definitely has something to do with the fact that resources are only getting more rare with each passing day & are waste is now choking us.

I don’t want any area of that. So, I will say that it was strenuous to start planning to disconnect & update our HVAC unit. That silly thing has been with us for over fifteen years now. When the people I was with and I bought that HVAC system for the house, it was actually state of the art. It was our intent, back then at least, to actually invest our dollars into an HVAC that would be reliable, totally efficient & last a long time. I can’t say that the people I was with and I were actually anywhere close to disappointed with the long standing value of that aged HVAC unit. Aside from a couple of rather minor HVAC repairs we had to make, that thing has been steady for over 2 decades. Can’t actually go out and ask for more than that, so it makes it strenuous to see something that has easily served you so well go down the drive in a dumpster. But, as with everything in life, HVAC has evolved & it was time to make the change. Our aged HVAC system was starting to spiral on quarterly bills. It was running all the time to try to properly match our fairly limited demand. So, the people I was with and I finally met with an HVAC corporation & now the people I was with and I have the latest & the greatest HVAC technology… I hope. Or, at least the equivalent that would fit our budget. Looks as if I will be actually content with the life of this HVAC.
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HVAC repair isn’t for dummies

I’m not actually a single of those humans who is a self loathing type but I can sure get actually distraught at times with some of my inane decisions. There are decisions that I can look back on for years & just wonder what was I ever thinking? I can’t understand why exactly I keep making dumb moves. There are always plenty of red flags but, I honestly tend to just sail on by. But, when a stupid, ego driven mistake happens that involves something enjoy the HVAC, it actually makes myself and others completely rage at myself. I’m still trying to walk off the sting of this HVAC fiasco from last week. Talk about your self inflicted wound. I guess I should know better than to attempt an HVAC repair on my own. This is something that certainly should not ever come as a shock to me. Yet, when directly faced with an HVAC that didn’t work well enough, I went rogue. I tried to take care of an HVAC issue on my own separate from any sort of real knowledge. The internet was an area of the problem. I found some videos of men out there, recharging the refrigerant in their HVAC unit. I thought it looked pretty straight forward so I took a shot at it. I bought a refill kit & eventually figured I would just save the HVAC repair charge. That led to myself and others going out and doing far more disfigure to the HVAC component than I would have ever imagined. Apparently, I overfilled the thing & it cracked something inside which totally ruined some other stuff. See, I don’t even understand the words. Well, it resulted in my having to fork over about 1200 to an HVAC professional. I’m stupid.

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Upgrade your indoor health people

Like all the people on earth right now, I’m all the abrupt actually conscious of my health.

I mean actually super conscious.

It could be said that I was raised to be fairly aware of regularly keeping fit & taking care of the temple & all that. But, the older I got, honestly, the more I would indulge. Hopefully, I have been in pretty wonderful balance with completing exercise, rest & diet. Our immune health has never been more highly crucial than right now. And, the HVAC in our homes can be an immense area of that necessary immune health. Some of the statistics on indoor air pollen levels these days that I’ve seen is just scary. The EPA reports that average indoor air pollen levels is somehow between 2 to 5 times more detrimental to your health than the outside air. That fact could make your head spin. While I would want to look a bit harder at those data sets, it’s enough to prove that indoor air pollen levels are vital. The HVAC in our homes definitely can either be a help or a hindrance when it comes to overall indoor air pollen levels and air quality. If you are using the cheap paper air filters, the only health I know you’re promoting is that of the HVAC equipment. Now, don’t get myself and others wrong with our ranting, that is a for real & crucial aspect. But, if you want to more carefully look out for your health, best to be upgrading the HVAC air filter. They surely are more fancy but, the HEPA type filters are actually trapping & removing tons of hazardous contaminants down to the micronic level. I, for one, will easily say that the health myself & my family is worth the extra few dollars we spend. Plus, they work actually great with pollen & pet dander.
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