The best part about buying a brand new house, may not be what you thought

We love new things, after all as society we always strive to invent and innovate.

Comfort, relaxation and everything else drives the needs and desire to do things better and faster.

Modern technology like air conditioning units have made it possible to condition the air temperature of rooms and even whole buildings. There are amazing things we made to either block the sun’s heat or harness it for energy. Solar panels are one example of harnessing the sun’s energy, shade and other things that block the sun from us and help us stay cool. Looking back, I loved being in the sun and getting tan, sunglasses helped a lot. If you think about it, air conditioning units are like sunglasses for your home. Not having sunlight directly hit your house either is beneficial, like when snow melts the side of one part of a roof, the other side that doesn’t get lit by the sun’s light usually stays cold and together. The best part about a new home could be the smell, the carpet or the clean state of it all, but for us it has to be the new appliances. The new air conditioner that came with our house was lovely and we loved the peace of mind we would have when we threw big parties. We loved hosting guests and wanted a nice cool comfortable place for the summer for the whole family. We had old rickety AC units before, and they had the habit of going out at bad times. We learned some lessons.

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There is great pleasure knowing how to fix the things in your own home

There is not only great pleasure in fixing your own things, it brings great satisfaction, but there is also great joy in saving money too.

I work in the home repair industry and for example, when my air conditioner breaks I save time and money by using my own tools to fix it.

The normal person or someone incapable of getting in the tight hot spaces to fix an HVAC unit would have to call someone else. Having my own tools comes in handy, there are amazing things to do with them and I always help out my friends and neighbors. My family benefits too because I end up saving money, checking my heating and cooling gear and prolonging having to get any repairs. I try to relax when I’m off and not fixing every little issue, but I love helping. I learned how to fix many things growing up, and most of the time it came from the family having multiple rental houses that I helped fix. Sometimes people would ask me to help after a while, and I gained a reputation as a handyman. I also learned how to fix air conditioning units because I had a few houses that ended up having faulty air conditioning units, I had to replace them with my cousins. My Uncle watched and taught us one summer as we replaced our HVAC system. I hated the hot humid home whenever the AC broke, I think this spawned my desire to learn how to fix it.

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The best thing about being a handyman, and it’s not the money

Fixing anything and finishing a goal gives you a big sense of accomplishment.

There aren’t many better feelings than getting to a goal, crushing it and sticking to your task. I always saw work for me as a goal, I had a finish line to cross and I worked in the hot sticky industry of HVAC repair. I loved what I did and I made good money as an HVAC repair technician, I just didn’t like the hot climate. Some tight spaces had to be navigated and in the hot summer the attic or other areas the air conditioning units are can become super hot. It’s vital to stay hydrated and make sure you don’t stay up near the air conditioning unit for too long. There is only so much you can do, when you’re trying to beat the heat. Shade, ice and modern technology like air conditioners really are the pinnacle of how to cool off and relax now. Summer days and long beach days, pool parties and even trips to the gym all heat our bodies up and we need to cool down and stay on top of our game. Staying cool isn’t just important for overall health, it’s important for relaxing and having peace of mind at a level where you can focus. Don’t look past heating and cooling in your home, use your air conditioner and don’t be afraid to spend the extra money running it. You’ll be happy, at peace and cool knowing your air conditioner is running, use it for what it is meant for.


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Staying on top of my home tasks like this saved me money

There are countless ways to save money and time when you plan and prepare in your home.

Note taking, learning and asking questions during maintenance or repairs on your home is important to do. However, knowing how to fix your own amenities in your home and your heating and cooling equipment goes a long way in the long run. You don’t need to wait, especially in winter conditions for any company to come fix your heater. You can learn how to fix your heater yourself and use the tools to do it. I had a lot of tools and I knew how to fix some things, but learning how to fix HVAC units wasn’t only good professionally but it was good for myself and my neighbors too. I was the neighborhood handyman and I ended up fixing many things for many people. I loved what I did, helped out a lot of people too every summer, but It was always hot and I was trying to find new ways to stay cool. We need to invent personal air conditioners that follow you around. I was thrilled to be able to help, I knew what to do, and I was pretty fast too at repairs and replacements. Apparently some people took much longer than I did at air conditioning replacements, like 4 hours was a good time for me while some saw 7 hours as a good time when they replaced an air conditioning unit. Learning how to fix your own homes heating and cooling gear is very beneficial.
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There is only one great way to stay cool in the summer, air conditioning

I love the modern technological feats we make as a society. We love to innovate and always out work each other. We love to come up with new ways to be faster, smarter and do things with less energy. The air conditioning system is a fairly new technological advancement in society. For thousands of years people had to depend on the shade, ice, water and other things like fans to stay cooled off. The ability to condition the temperature of entire rooms and even buildings was unheard of for many peoples lives. Entire generations of families have come and gone without some of the comforts we have had the comfort of knowing in the modern age. Thankfully knowing how to fix things, how they work and other things like fixing your own air conditioning unit instead of hiring a company all save you money. When you save time, you naturally save money. Everytime I have a big party and something goes wrong or breaks, we just team up and see how fast we can fix whatever broke. It’s really fun to sit around and brainstorm together. I fixed air conditioners for work, and I used to be a plumber when I was younger. I loved how I could help my friends, family and help myself save money and time by fixing my own things around my house. I got a reputation as a handyman, but unfortunately i’m the guy to call when the air conditioner breaks. I loved helping, but when I wasn’t hot and sweaty at work, I wanted to relax. Sometimes I lended the hand and taught others how to fix their air conditioner too.

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The best part about a new home in the hot summer

The best part about having a new home in the hot summer is what you may not expect.

A brand new air conditioning unit, is what we bargained for. Some of the homes in the area we looked for had old air conditioning units and we learned our lesson in the past with faulty ones before. We didn’t want to have any hassle with heating and cooling equipment repair and this time we wanted to be sure we had reliable stuff for the summer. I wanted big cookouts and big pool parties in the summer. I didn’t want to have to worry about anyone being hot, sweaty or uncomfortable at any of my cookouts. I wanted to be a great host, and having a new HVAC unit, new insulation, solar panels and a backup generator helped me be a responsible party host. My pool was heated for the winter months, but the summer was hefty with people and parties. I had to crank my AC all summer and was going to have it serviced in the fall before I needed it again. In the fall to save money and not run my air conditioner, we opened the windows and let the breeze come in. We were thankful and happy to be in a new year, and the summer time was just getting started. Last year people were sunburned and very hot when my air conditioning unit went out, leaving everyone hot and humid. It was very embarrassing. I couldn’t believe my new house had a faulty air conditioning unit, but I should have double checked and I learned my lesson.

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Setting my sights on a vast opportunity but it came at a cost

There were great heights to be had in my industry, the sky was the limit.

I recently worked as a heating and cooling service technician.

My company, which I owned half of, was based in the south and we had many clients in the hot summer that were trying to stay warm. We loved them and our clients loved us. I knew what the opportunity in front of me was, it was a long work week with many hot days in it, but the pay and benefits were great. I decided to set out on a journey of improving and making my heating and cooling work much better. I wanted to get back to fixing air conditioning units, but the cost of the work physically was exhausting and I didn’t want to fix AC units all week anymore. I helped neighbors and my neighbors helped me out too. I helped my neighbors fix so many things from the pool pump, heaters in the winter, stereos in their son’s car to everything else you can name. I was very thankful to be a handyman in the neighborhood and able to help out. I did miss the grind and work I used to do as a HVAC technician but I was kidding myself if I said I missed the heat. I also lived in the south and the small tight spaces were formidable. The best way to have a good reputation in the neighborhood is helping out, and now we have big pool parties in the summer, everyone relaxes and stays cool by the pool.

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The best part about being in the home repair industry

The best part about being in the home repair industry is not only knowing how to fix everything in my house, knowing how it works too but also saving money.

  • I love not having to call a busy company up like an HVAC repair company when I can just repair my air conditioning unit myself.

The joy and peace of mind it brings is great, knowing how to fix my stuff and use all my tools. I know I do it for work and it can feel like a lot of work sometimes when I do that, but I end up learning even more about my house too and saving so much time and money. Even scheduling a company to come out and then having someone in your home causes a ruckus and some focus is averted towards that. Having the means to fix my own air conditioning stuff and the systems that are in my home is beneficial to myself and the family. I prolong the life of my heating and cooling equipment too, I check on it and make sure I fix the small issues before the big problems with my equipment come to the surface. I was very happy to be able to make my wife proud of me and also save the family money. I learned how to first fix plumbing things, then I learned how to do electrical and then I learned how to safely do HVAC work for myself and for a job. I taught some of my neighbors in the area how to fix certain things too and I gained some reputation as a handyman in the area.

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Why having an Uncle as a neighbor is so great

My Uncle was my neighbor for the last few years, he always helped me with so many things.

When I got my new house and moved near him, he fixed my plumbing problems, taught me how to fix my air conditioner and my washer machine.

I was very thankful and took notes with what my Uncle taught me. Uncle Teddy worked as an air conditioning repairman and a stock trader, he worked at different times depending on how he felt. There were great things he knew, I could tell. He told me stories about his air conditioning units breaking on him as a teen and having to learn how to fix them, even before he got paid to fix HVAC units commercially. That was hard to think about, growing up and going up to the attic to fix your own air conditioner. There is a lot of mess, fiberglass, wires, tools and hot tight spaces involved in fixing an HVAC machine. Impressive tasks were what I gave my Uncle and not only did I help but I learned. I was thankful when I had a big summer pool party last year and my Uncle came over and helped me fix the air conditioner as soon as it broke, saving my party and the chances with my wife. I eventually ended up fixing the things around my house, my fan, my radiator in my car and other things. I loved doing what I did and I even taught my other neighbor Bob a few things that my Uncle taught me.

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Why we always double check the hotel when we go out now

We had many trips to the south but one of them was very hot and sticky for a few reasons.

What happened on our trip was hard to expect but it did teach us many lessons, mostly because we got so dang hot.

We were sleeping in the fancy hotel near my old highschool when we visited town. We got the only room in the town left barely just in time for thanksgiving. There was a play in the town theatre that was a hot ticket for sure. We had to wait a few days for any reliable repair to our hotel room air conditioner because it was such a busy time of the year. I couldn’t really blame the service tech companies who would fix our air conditioning system, I knew people wanted to be with family. Seeing how we loved to gather with our family too, I didn’t blame them. We discovered our hot room with humid air in it around 5pm the day before thanksgiving, we set out to the families and inquired with companies about getting it fixed sooner or later. The hotel said they could have their crew fix it but it would be probably a few days after thanksgiving. We wanted the hotel to pay for the new HVAC unit, obviously in the long run they would but at first we were expected to put our credit card up to the air conditioning company. We were outraged, we did have an older air conditioner and we noticed it did look a little old. We were thankful it was only for a few days until it got fixed, and we were able to post up at the families house until the late hours of the night. We tried to stay cool with fans and keeping the hotel windows open but they only opened so much because we were on the top floor.

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