Confusion as seasons change and trigger my accidents

I don’t care for it when daylight savings happens and it suddenly gets actually dark out in the afternoon when I wake up to go to work.

It’s disorienting and it makes it harder for my brain to wake up with the lack of sunlight.

The melatonin in your brain is active when it’s dark out; the daylight at daycut is crucial for your cognitive stamina. One afternoon I was coming out of the front door too suddenly and tripped coming down the stairs at the end of the porch. I twisted my ankle and cut the skin on my arm. It was a scary experience, especially since I almost hurt myself worse than I did. When I was at the medical professional getting my brace, he asked me if there was a railing on my porch, especially adjacent to the staircase. I was embarrassed to confess that’s why I fell and disfigured myself. However, he simply urged me to get a commercial fencing supplier to make it safe for me. He was distraught that I would inadvertently injure myself again if I wasn’t careful enough coming in and out of my house. I took his advice seriously and immediately called a few fencing upgrade companies to see how much the project would cost. If I hadn’t disfigured myself, I would have made the porch railing myself, although I had no option however to hire the help. To my delight, the commercial fence supplier did a phenomenal job and put railing around my entire front and back porches. They did a better job than I could ever do on my own with my intermediate level craftsmanship skills. Now I don’t have to worry about losing my balance coming down my porch steps whenever I leave my apartment and return.



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Glad to be back to the gym following quarantine

I get up super early, get in an hour workout, wind down in the sauna and then use the locker rooms.

At the beginning of the pandemic, all sorts of businesses were shut down for the sake of slowing the spread of COVID. Restaurants, retail stores, salons, theaters and coffee shops all shut their doors for many months. The one that hit me the worst was the gym closing up. I used to spend an hour or so at the gym every day. It was an important aspect of my life. When the gym reopened, quite a few of my friends had canceled their gym memberships. They had switched to exercising at home or elsewhere. While I enjoy yoga classes in the park and taking a jog with our friends, I still appreciate the amenities of the gym. Once the gym opened for business again, I went right back. One reason I prefer the gym is because of my personal trainer. My personal trainer keeps me motivated and holds me accountable. He pushes me beyond my comfort zone and challenges me to achieve new goals. My personal trainer is the reason behind the progress I’ve made over the last few years. My personal trainer designed customized workouts that have delivered amazing results. Another feature of the gym that I missed was the sauna. I love soaking in the sauna after a strenuous workout. It’s the perfect opportunity to ease sore muscles, relax and get rid of stress. I really like to start my day at the gym. I get up super early, get in an hour workout, wind down in the sauna and then use the locker rooms. They include great showers and I can get ready for work. I am feeling energetic and in a good mood when I sit down at my desk. I am more productive throughout the day.

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Not drinking enough water

I have a problem with drinking enough water. Growing up, my family had a water well that provided extremely hard water. Our drinking water was so heavy with iron, lime and calcium that it was discolored and had a very unpleasant odor. It also tasted terrible. At that time, bottled water wasn’t something that was readily available. We typically drank milk, juice or iced tea. I never got into the habit of drinking water or developed a taste for it. Since I workout everyday, dehydration can be a real problem. I sweat and then fail to replace it with water. I frequently develop migraines so severe that I need to go back to bed with a cold compress on my forehead. I get nausea and suffer from fever and chills. I’ve had issues with leg cramps. Several times, I’ve passed out due to dehydration. I’ve tried to improve my water drinking habits. I purchased myself a water bottle that is easy to carry around and keeps the liquid cold for long periods of time. I’ve also invested in a camel pack that I wear while I run, so that I can always have access to water. However, I ten to carry around a full water bottle all day and fail to sip out of it. I play music while I workout, and I make a point to take a big drink of water after every song. I make sure to drain an entire water bottle during the hour-long training session. I might not take another sip all day, but at least I drank something.

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Setting up a home gym is expensive

Setting up a home gym is a significant investment.

Even a decent pair of sneakers costs over a hundred dollars.

Initially, I was only able to afford the less expensive, more basic gear. I bought a selection of hand weights, a mat and some resistance bands. I later added a good jump rope, weighted poles and kettlebells. I really wanted a larger machine to use for training. I needed to save up for it. I also took my time doing some research. I had no idea if a treadmill, elliptical, rowing machine or stationary bike would be best for me. I was only certain that I didn’t want a stepper. I have worked out on various types of steppers and never feel I’m getting much out of it. I find the movements slow and boring. While I really like the benefits of a rowing machine, the equipment is quite large. My home gym is limited in space. I hope to continue to add to it, so I don’t want to take up a ton of room with a single machine. There are a variety of treadmills and stationary bikes on the current market. They both feature touchscreens with interactive technology. At first, I was leaning toward purchasing a treadmill because I prefer to run for cardio exercise. However, running causes a lot of impact on the joints. It’s not something I should do every day. A stationary bike still provides a great aerobic opportunity while eliminating the potential stress on the body. The bike I chose is fairly compact and wonderfully quiet. It includes a series of programs at various intensity levels. I can always increase the difficulty of the workout by pedaling faster or adding resistance.


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Running barefoot

When I first got married, my husband and I had limited funds. We were struggling with the mortgage on our house, student loans, car payments and normal living expenses. There was no way I could afford a membership at a fitness center. I got into running as a very inexpensive method of working out. Unfortunately, I ran in a cheap pair of sneakers that weren’t designed for running. They lacked necessary arch support, and I developed plantar fasciitis in my feet. For a long time, I had difficulty simply walking. The pain sometimes got so bad that I had trouble sleeping. I needed to rest and ice my feet. I focused on exercises and stretches to improve the health of my feet and managed to buy a better pair of running shoes. I also got a pair of inserts for my sneakers for extra support. Although my feet no longer caused me constant and excruciating pain, I still had a lot of trouble with them. I was often limping around. My brother recommended that I try running barefoot. He’d read a fitness blog that talked about how the human foot is not meant for all the extra padding provided by shoes. We are supposed to be able to feel the ground as we walk and run. I took the time to clear a path around my property, making sure there were no rocks, sticks or holes that could cause injury. I was fairly sure that running barefoot would just about cripple me, but I wanted to try it. The difference in my feet has been amazing. I now run barefoot enough that I’ve worn a smooth, dirt path around my yard. I no longer have pain in my feet.


Yoga classes

Working out at home

I always make sure to thoroughly warm up, stretch and cool down

I live in an area where signing up for a membership at a fitness center isn’t really possible. My little town doesn’t offer any kind of gym facilities. The nearest fitness center would require a half hour drive each way. I just don’t have that kind of time available. I’ve managed to accumulate enough exercise equipment to handle my workouts at home. I purchased a stationary bike, and I use it for my workout at least once per week. The stationary bike is great for when I’m feeling tired, have sore joints, aching muscles or a headache. I can choose a program from the menu, target the number of calories I want to burn and just pedal. I like having the ability to read on my ipad while I ride. Although I always push myself to increase intensity and work up a good sweat, it still feels as if pedaling the bike is a cheat day. If the weather allows it, I prefer to workout outdoors. I have a very large wooden deck built across the back of my house. The space is elevated and provides a gorgeous view of my gardens, the woods and really lovely pond. I get to enjoy a fresh breeze and sun on my skin and have lots of room to move around. I bring my free weights, yoga mat and jump rope out onto the deck and blast my music. For approximately an hour, I switch between lifting weights, jumping rope and going through push-ups, plank holds, mountain climbers, lunges and ab crunches. I always make sure to thoroughly warm up, stretch and cool down. When the weather is nasty, I need to scale down the workout because of limited space inside the house.



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Apartment center includes a fitness center

As soon as I got a promotion at work and started making more money, I was able to finally pay off my student loans.

  • I could also afford a much nicer apartment.

I looked around at all different options and chose to move into a large complex. Although the rent is rather high, I feel that it’s worth it for the many perks. I now have a gated parking area to protect my car from theft and vandalism. I have access to a gorgeous outdoor area with barbecue grills, full outdoor kitchen, lounge chairs, hot tub and gigantic pool. The swimming pool is huge and perfectly maintained. If I swim early in the morning, I usually have the whole area to myself. I’m able to swim laps for my workout. Inside my apartment, I have a washer and dryer, granite countertops, two full bathrooms, the latest in appliances, zoned heating and cooling and a balcony. The living accommodations are modern and spacious. If there’s any problems, I can simply call the maintenance department and get it taken care of. One of the best features of the apartment complex is the fitness center. I don’t even need to leave the building to workout. The fitness center is equipped with a wide selection of treadmills, ellipticals, stationary bikes and rowing machines. There are machines for weight lifting that target specific muscles in the arms, legs, back, shoulders and torso. I can use the battle ropes or punch the speed bag. There are several weight benches and a variety of dumbbells, kettlebells and weighted poles. The fitness center includes bathroom facilities, water cooler and towels. It’s always kept clean and the machines are regularly updated.


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We needed a video surveillance repair person.

Whenever there is a problem with our video surveillance system, we need to call a video surveillance repair person.

I love living in the building because I feel so safe here.

The video surveillance system has kept several people from coming into the building and hanging out in the lobby. However, last week the video surveillance system was down. We had to call the video surveillance repair person and have him come out and make the repairs. It wasn’t like there wasn’t someone who lived here who could do the repairs? I worked on surveillance systems and I could have easily made the repairs, but I didn’t work for that company. If I worked on the building’s video surveillance system and something went wrong, whether it was my fault or not, I would be in big trouble. The building supervisor called the video surveillance repair person and told him we needed service. It was going to be three days before he could get to the building. He gave the building supervisor the name of someone who worked with him and told him to call. That’s when I came on the scene. Not only did I live in the building, but I was now being called to work on the video surveillance system. I didn’t know that the same company I worked for, was also the company that serviced the video surveillance system in my building. I quickly headed downstairs to talk to the building supervisor. He told me what was happening with the video surveillance system. Within fifteen minutes, I had the computer repaired and it was up and running again. It’s no wonder I felt so safe living there.

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Meal delivery service provides a healthier diet

I can’t count how many times I have tried to stick to a healthier diet plan and then completely messed that up.

  • It is difficult to resist the temptation of unhealthy foods.

I can’t say no to delicious food. I like to cook and I like to eat out. The portions I take are always much bigger than I need. I’ve found that a meal delivery service is the ideal solution. It’s a great way to control portions, count calories and get a balanced diet. I did some research online and found a meal delivery service that specializes in weight loss. I filled out a form with my gender, age, current weight, activity level and target weight. I was then provided a customized meal plan. I’m provided a menu of options, and I make my selections for the week. I choose items for my breakfast, lunch and dinner. There is a wide variety of choices, including vegetarian options, gluten-free and sugar-free. I place the order and the meals arrive pre-packaged, properly labeled and with concise instructions. There’s very little for me to do other than preheat the oven. The food is delicious. The portions aren’t huge, but there’s always enough to fill me up. Everything is delivered right to my door. As part of the service, they offer personal training. I meet with a personal trainer for an hour-long workout three times per week. Combining regular exercise with meal delivery service has helped to to lose a significant amount of weight. I feel so much better about myself. I look better, have more energy and feel healthier.

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Meal delivery accommodates busy lifestyle

My husband and I both work very demanding jobs.

We often put in a great deal of overtime and have deadlines to meet.

We have three sons between the ages of 8 and 15, and all of them play travel hockey. They each have two to three practices per week and games on weekends. We drive all over the northeastern part of the country and into Canada for hockey tournaments. During the off-season, the boys attend hockey camps. There are also school responsibilities, upkeep on the house and dailys tasks to take care of. Since we spend the majority of our time at the rink or in the car, there’s not a lot of time leftover to go grocery shopping. We barely keep up with laundry and essential housekeeping. I don’t want to feed my sons drive-thru fast food. They need healthy meals to fuel their growing bodies. They are active and require good nutrition. I have signed up for a meal delivery service. This has been a really convenient solution for us. The service has a website that offers a wide menu of options. The choices change every week. I pick out our dinners for the week and everything gets delivered right to our door. When we arrive home in the evening, I stick a meal in the oven. A half hour later, we enjoy a delicious dinner and plenty of food for a family of five. There’s very little clean up afterward. It’s super convenient. The meals are healthy, nutritious and appeal to everyone. I feel the price is reasonable as well.


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