A new puppy means running the heater all day

My girlfriend and I talked about getting a puppy for months and months.

  • We went to the shelter every Saturday for the past six weeks.

We finally found the perfect pooch to add to our family. The little guy is a mixed breed. He is three years old and mostly resembles a small French Bulldog. His name is Frenchy which I find to be terribly funny. My girlfriend and I brought Frenchie home on Saturday. We spent most of the day getting to know the little guy. We bought him a small bed and a few toys like balls, stuffed animals, and ropes. On Sunday, we spent most of the day taking the puppy out for a walk. I knew that potty training would be difficult, but I thought a three-year-old dog would not have a lot of accidents. Monday morning, I was getting ready for work. I normally turn off the heater in the morning, before I leave for the office. As soon as I reached for the thermostat, I thought about Frenchy. I didn’t want to leave him alone all day without any heat, so I decided to let the furnace run. I knew the heat would feel great and I hoped it would comfort the little guy. One of my neighbors came over at lunch to take Frenchy for a walk. Frenchy was laying in his bed half asleep, but most of the couch was torn to shreds. My neighbor took a few pictures and texted me. I couldn’t believe Frenchy caused such a big mess in the house. He completely destroyed my brand new sofa.


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