A weekend of drinking and rummaging in the shed

When my grandparents died, they had an old shed full of items like car parts, old signs, bicycles, and junk.

  • No one in my family wanted to clean out the shed.

I offered to do the job if I could keep anything that I found. None of the members of my family argued about that deal. My friends and I grabbed a keg full of beer last weekend and headed over to the shed. We put the keg of beer in a large trough and filled it with ice. I knew it was going to be a long day and I wanted to be well prepared. I knew that my friends would require ice cold beer if they were going to walk around in that dusty, dingy, and dangerous place. We started in a space where there was just enough room to move. We started throwing things in one pile that were junk and we made another pile with items that could have some value. Most items were rusty, broken, or useless. I was really intrigued by an old oil furnace that my grandfather had in a safe. I didn’t know why the oil furnace was so important, but I thought it was hard to find the item inside of a locked box. I haven’t taken the oil furnace to an appraiser, and I’m not sure if it works. It could be junk. I know a little bit about old machines, so I’m going to spend most of next weekend trying to find old parts to get the item to work. If the oil furnace still heats up, then it will definitely be worth a lot more money.
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