Adore my Job, But Why is it So Cold?

I loved almost everything about my task plus work environment! It was unquestionably relaxed plus there was no micro-managing, and those are two of my number one things about it.

I also prefer that every one of us do not have to dress up plus essentially have no dress code. The days I am running late or want to sleep a little longer, I prefer knowing I can throw on whatever I want, no matter how casual plus still recognize comfortable at work. I remember the days when I would have to spend so much time finding dress clothes plus getting dressed every afternoon. When you don’t have to do it anymore, you certainly care about it. It also made it easier because at this task, it was almost always so cold in the office, then so you always needed to wear long sleeved shirts or have a sweatshirt on standby. I laugh when I go arenas during the work day plus see how people are dressed for the weather, especially on a warm day, while I have my long sleeved shirts plus layers on trying to stay warm, I always wonder what kind of climate control every one of us have at work plus what temperature it is set to because my area of the office is always cold, however other floors, plus even other ends of my floor seem to have the opposite problem. As you walk around the office, you will notice some people in layers, plus others with fans on trying to stay cool. I wonder if the fact that the building is a bit older has anything to do with how could the Heating plus A/C plan is or even when it was last replaced. I think I am cold all year round plus sometimes going outside is the only relief.


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