All that money, yet no a/c

As a parent of various kids I am starting to become seriously irritated with the private school that they attend, but despite the fact that the people I was with and I live in a neighborhood with more than enough money to fund the school system, there has been little to no money put towards improving the private school, but every single day when our little 1s come house from school they are in a exhausting mood and they blame it on the fact that there is no air conditioning at the school, however living in a part of the country where the weather is moderate all year round I found this honestly hard to believe, however one day I decided to check it out for myself to see if our kids were just being drama queens or if there entirely was a lack of air conditioning… Sure enough, when I walked into the front doors and was talking with the receptionist I felt a wave of warm, stale air all around me, then after some convincing I was able to get a meeting with the principal of the school; She seemed like a nice enough guy, however whenever I would bring up the fact that it felt more like a sauna than a school she acted like since I was a Dad I didn’t think anything about Heating, Ventilation & A/C.

After it was made clear she didn’t respect me the conversation abruptly came to a close.

She might not have had to make any changes to the horrific situation that day, however now that myself and a dozen other parents have organized to have a meeting with the school board I am fairly particular that the kids at the school will finally have some regular air conditioning during the school day.

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