All wasps got to go

I consider myself a fairly reasonable person. There are however a few things that get to me. One thing is rude and impatient people. There are countless times where I would listen to someone talk about their day, and then when I would try to talk about mine, all I would get in return is signing, complaining and sometimes looking at their phones instead of my face. One of the other things that really bother me is wasps. I can be rather extreme when it comes to them, and people usually look at me weirdly when I describe my utter hatred for them. I don’t care for most insects, but wasps really bug me because of some experiences I’ve had because of them! One great example is when I was raking up leaves for autumn, and I distrubed a nest. The stupid yellow jackets chased me around my own yard! That as well as a few other experiences has made me always hate them. Whenever I see their population start increasing more than, say 10, it’s exterminator time. I’ve called out the wasp extermination team dozens of times. I know some places offer yellow jacket rescue, but I don’t believe in saving them. Since the yellow jacket population seems to be increasing again, it will be wasp removal time. The local extermination people know me well by now, and I actually get decent discounts from them since I am always using their services. Any place I move to, all wasps will be removed. My perfect haven would be a place without them, hopefully somewhere deep in the city.

Wasp rescue

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