Furnace maintenance provides peace of mind

I live in the northeastern part of the country, along the edge of one of the Great Lakes.

My area is known for the severity of our winter weather.

The season is especially long and brutally cold. We typically start up the furnace in early September and expect at least several inches of snow on the ground by Halloween. Christmas, New Year’s and Valentine’s Day are often celebrated during blizzard conditions. We deal with approximately eight months of cold, snowy weather and temperatures all the way down to negative twenty-five degrees. The heating system is an essential appliance. It carries a heavy workload and is essential to comfort, safety and the integrity of the home. The performance of the furnace affects indoor air quality and budget. It keeps my family warm and prevents water pipes from freezing. I need the heating system to operate at peak reliability, capacity and energy efficiency. I certainly don’t want to waste money on higher than necessary energy bills or repairs. I make every effort to minimize the risk of dust and other contaminants getting introduced into breathing air. Because the furnace utilizes a combustion process, there’s always a small risk of carbon monoxide leakage. The best way to optimize the benefits of the furnace and minimize problems is through regular maintenance. I change the air filter every month without fail. The filter helps to prevent pollutants from getting inside the system and causing havoc. I also schedule service with a licensed HVAC professional every fall. The technician takes care of inspecting, cleaning and tuning all components. He verifies the safety of the heat exchanger, tightens electrical connections and lubricates moving parts. If he finds any potential problems, he takes the necessary measures to ensure dependability from the furnace. This regular maintenance fulfills the manufacturer’s warranty requirements and also provides peace of mind.

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Procrastinating over replacing furnace

I know that I should have replaced my furnace a couple of years ago.

The heating system is over twenty years old.

Every winter, I can expect to face at least one repair bill. While it’s typically something minor and easily fixed, those costs are quickly adding up. I’ve also noticed that my monthly heating expenses are higher every season. Even when it was brand new, the furnace only achieved a 85% AFUE rating. Efficiency has certainly diminished due to wear and tear. There are now models on the market that promise 98% AFUE ratings. I could quickly recover the investment into a new furnace through lower utility bills. Plus, I’d have the benefit of the manufacturer’s warranty coverage. I am a little worried that the heater is going to quit right when my family needs it the most. The winters in my local area are especially long and brutal. We often experience temperatures below zero. I really don’t want to deal with a malfunctioning furnace in the middle of a February blizzard. When the temperature drops to negative twenty degrees, we can’t get along without heat. I’d be stuck accepting whatever furnace could be installed the quickest. It would make more sense to schedule the installation project over the summer. That would give me the opportunity to research different models and features. I’d like to upgrade to zone control for the sake of superior comfort and energy savings. I keep procrastinating because a new furnace is a big expense and disruption. I know it’s a mistake. I have told myself that before the end of summer, I need to get a free estimate and get the process started.


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Deciding to hold off on air conditioner repairs

I travel back and forth between a house in the north and one in the south.

  • I typically spend the months from November to May in the south and the other half of the year up north.

However, for the sake of taking care of the properties, I tend to make visits to either location for a few days here and there. Due to an injury, I neglected the house in the south completely for nearly five straight months. When I finally arrived, my lawns and gardens were terribly overgrown. Inside the house, I found issues with mold growth and some dead bugs to deal with. There was an unpleasant smell. Although it was late September, the temperature during the day consistently climbed into the high eighties and failed to cool off at night. I immediately lowered the thermostat setting, started up the air conditioner and got to work. I cleaned up the bugs, mowed the lawn and weeded the gardens. I washed windows, dusted all surfaces and scrubbed the floors. After a few hours, I realized that I was sweating profusely. I checked the thermostat and found that it wasn’t working at all. When changing the batteries failed to solve the problem, it inspected the breaker and found that one had been tripped. I was relieved when the air conditioner started back up again. However, it didn’t take long to realize that although the system was making noise, it wasn’t producing any cool air. I wasn’t quite sure what to do. I was only staying at the house for a couple of days, and the air conditioner is extremely old. I was nearly positive that it wasn’t worth the cost of repair. I really didn’t want to tackle either an expensive repair or an installation project in the span of days. I decided to get by with box fans until my return trip in November. It was awful. The house was overheated and sticky, and I was forever wet with sweat. Sleeping was just about impossible.


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The hot sun was beating down all day

I went to the beach with my mom on Saturday. She wanted to get some sun and the weather was supposed to be bright and sunny with only a few clouds in the sky. The last time my mom went to the beach alone, she fell asleep in the sand and ended up in the hospital with a major skin infection and sunburn. My brothers and I agreed that someone should accompany mom to the beach at all times. I didn’t have work scheduled on Saturday, so I agreed to take my mom to the beach. We parked in the lot next to the area where there are showers and bathrooms. It’s the biggest parking lot near the beach and the only place where you can shower after going into the water. The hot sun was beating down all day and I was ready to leave after an hour. My mom was covered with 40 spf sunscreen and she insisted that we stay until lunch. When we finally packed everything up and left the beach, it was after 2. I used some sunscreen that day but I could tell that I had a bad sunburn. I went back to the house and lay down on the bed. I fell asleep very quickly and woke up feeling extremely hot and uncomfortable. I turn the air conditioner down to 67 degrees. I laid in front of the fan and the air conditioner continued to run for several hours. When I got up the next morning, my skin was red and I had tiny blisters all over my arms and face.


I left my phone sitting in the truck

My girlfriend bought me a brand new iPhone for Christmas this year.

I was excited about the gift and it was something that I wanted for a long time.

I was waiting for the new phone and I had not upgraded in a long time. I got the phone for Christmas and I took it to work for the first time after the new year. I was afraid the phone would become damaged while I was working on a boiler repair, so I decided to leave my phone sitting in the truck. I placed the phone under a small towel so it was not visible from the window. While I was working on the boiler repair in the grocery store, someone broke into my truck and stole the brand new iPhone. Thankfully the owner of the grocery store has cameras in the parking lot and the police found the culprit using the security videos. I never got my phone back, and they never found the phone on the criminal either. He must have dumped it or sold it to someone else. I had insurance and the insurance paid for a new phone. I didn’t have to pay an enormous amount of fees, since I had a police statement from the crime. That was the very last time I ever left my phone in the truck. I would rather pay for damage that needs to be repaired than pay for a brand new phone. I had to replace all of my contacts and customers and that alone took hours of my time.


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I used the stimulus money to fix the AC in my truck

I was happily surprised when some of the parts were last and the new estimate was only $800.

The AC in my truck has been broken for 6 months. Last summer it stopped working in the middle of June and I didn’t have enough money to pay for the repairs. I was thankful that the dealership looked at the truck for free, because the $850 repair bill for the AC was too much to spend. Normally the dealership charges about $150 for an estimate, but they were extremely nice when I was surprised by the repair bill for the AC. I spent the entire summer driving back and forth to work without any cool air in the car. I was extremely happy when summer was over and the fall months finally began. When I found out that the government was going to issue a stimulus check, I immediately started thinking about the AC in my truck. I decided to contact the dealership to find out if it was still going to cost the same amount of money for the repairs. It’s been 6 months and I expected the estimate to be much higher. I was happily surprised when some of the parts were last and the new estimate was only $800. I made an appointment to have the AC repaired as soon as the check was deposited into my bank account. When summer begins this year, I won’t have any concerns about the warm air and humidity. I used the money in the best way possible and I never would have been able to afford the repairs any other way. Sometimes every problem comes with a silver lining and the AC repairs were mine.

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Shipping costs were outrageous and not a good deal

My husband suggested that we look for a new AC unit on eBay.

He said that he didn’t want to pay $200 in the retail store if he could find a nice AC unit for half that price on eBay.

I didn’t think it was a great idea to buy a cooling machine from someone that we didn’t know, and I was equally concerned that the cost of shipping would be too much. My husband found a brand new air conditioner in the box and offered the guy $175. It was only a few dollars less than the superstore, but my husband thought it was a great deal. When he saw that it was going to cost $49 to ship the item, he decided to cancel the order. I knew it was a better idea to buy the AC unit from the hardware store or the Supercenter, but my husband was convinced that it was going to be cheaper. When he saw the shipping costs were outrageous, he realized that buying an AC unit was going to be easier if we could pick it up in the store. We found the same exact AC from the online ad, at the Supercenter. It was $219 before taxes, but we didn’t have to pay a single penny for the shipping fees.The machine was easy to install and did not require a professional. Now that the new AC unit has been installed, I’m happy to say that the temperature in the house is much more comfortable and crisp. The purchase of the new AC unit was necessary.

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The hot chili stained my shirt and it didn't come out

I went to the fair with some friends of mine and we stopped at a couple of different places to grab a bite to eat.

One of the places that I always visit is a stand that makes chili.

The chili is world-famous and known all over the country. My friends and I got a big bowl with fritos, sour cream, cheese, and jalapenos. It tastes so delicious, but it ruined my favorite white shirt. I shouldn’t have eaten chili wearing a white shirt and that was 100% my mistake, but I was super mad and annoyed. As soon as I got home, I went to the laundry room with some stain remover and laundry detergent. There was a cute guy washing his gym shorts and boxers and I couldn’t help stare at his nice physique. I rubbed the stain remover on the chili and hand washed the shirt for a couple of minutes. The AC must have been broken in the laundry, because it was really warm but the air conditioner wasn’t running. The broken AC wasn’t a surprise since the entire building is falling apart. The AC isn’t the only issue in the basement laundry room. The light above the washers looks like it could fall and kill someone at any time. I must have looked really awful in the heat and humidity with sweat running down my neck and face. The guy never even smiled in my direction and we were there for two hours together. He didn’t even stay in the laundry area long enough to fold his linens.


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The limit switch has a very important job in the furnace

Having a limit switch on the furnace fan is very helpful for several different reasons. It absolutely prevents the furnace from overheating. An overheating furnace can potentially cause a fire or damage to the firm. A limit switch also helps to regulate the indoor temperatures. When there is an issue with the limit switch, a few problems can occur. I had an issue with the limit switch on my furnace and I found out that it is a relatively easy thing to replace. I probably could have completed the work on my own, but I contacted a professional and certified heating service in the valley. The company sent a service technician to my address to identify, evaluate, and fix the issue. The furnace repair technician was certain that the fan limit switch was the problem. He had one on the repair truck that was perfect for the make and model of my furnace. The replacement part only took about an hour to swap and the repair successfully fixed the problem with the furnace. In the future, I will be more careful and diligent when caring for the air filter in the furnace. The service technician felt this was one of the reasons why the limit switch failed. He advised cleaning the air filter more frequently and at regular intervals. He also recommended having a service tune-up performed on the furnace every year. I was able to add the cleaning service to the repair that day and it was only a very small additional fee for the technician to service the entire system.


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The air filters were caked with pet hair

About six months ago, I took a job working as a maintenance technician for a large apartment community.

The pay was really good and I got a free apartment as part of the deal.

One of the biggest reasons why I qualified for the maintenance technician job was because I am certified to work on HVAC repairs. It takes a special license and certification to work on HVAC units. I have been working in the field for several years. When a tenant called because they were having an issue with the AC, I responded to the request. The lady in the house wasn’t getting very much air flow in the kitchen or the dining room. The first thing I checked was the air filters. They are often the problem when air flow is an issue. Sure enough, the air filter was caked with pet hair. I asked the tenant if she had a cat and she responded with a negative answer. I thought it was strange that she didn’t want to admit to having a cat, because the evidence seemed clear from the house and the condition of the air filter. I completely cleaned the air filter and advised the tenant to wash the air filter more frequently due to the buildup of dust and hair. When I went to the office to turn in the paperwork for the completed repair, I mentioned the acsu to the apartment manager. It turns out that the lady never paid a pet deposit for a cat and that was likely the reason why she denied having one in the first place.
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