Broken HVAC in burger joint

My daughter works for a local burger joint in town.

  • She is in high school and she has been working for this burger joint for about six months now.

My husband and I thought it would be a good idea for her to get a job so she can learn the value of a dollar and won’t be a spoiled kid like mini children are in the area that we live in. I want my daughter to understand what it’s like to make your own money and have to save. However, recently she told me that the burger joint she works at has been having issues with the HVAC system. My daughter told me that she spent all day flipping burgers in a restaurant that doesn’t have a working HVAC system. I cannot believe this HVAC system would allow its employees to work under these conditions. I decided I would call her manager and give them a piece of my mind so she could understand the danger in letting employees work under these conditions. I think it’s important for the manager to realize that you can’t undervalue your employees. I told my daughter if they don’t have the HVAC system fixed within the week and she is allowed to quit. I can’t have my daughter working like this even though I do think she needs to have a job to learn responsibility.



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