Canceling our trip costs us a heap of cash

Some of my friends just got back from vacation.

They showed us all of the photographs they took while hiking, windsurfing, and relaxing.

They decided to go to the lake for two weeks. They rented a pretty large cabin with access to the water. While they were there, they went out on a boat and did some fishing. I heard they caught a lot of different fish like trout, perch, and catfish. I don’t eat fish, but it’s fun to catch one on the hook. I have not been on vacation in several years. The last time my wife and I were going to take a trip, we had to cancel at the last minute. We lost the money that we paid for our airline tickets. Two days before the scheduled trip, my wife and I found out that we needed a brand new HVAC system. It was a huge burden on our budget and we knew it was a bad idea to go on vacation after spending all of that money on a new HVAC appliance. Next year, we are trying to go on a cruise. We already booked the trip, but we made sure to choose a refundable package. In the event of a huge emergency, I want to be certain that we will get all of our money back. I am the most excited to snorkel with tropical fish,. sharks, and dolphins. My wife is excited to have two weeks away from work and the kids. I know we will haver a great time on vacation as long as we don’t have anything come up until then.


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