Choosing a career is a big choice

I suppose that my Dad as well as dad were disappointed when I decided to pursue a career in HVAC repair… My parents wanted me to attend a local university, so I could be a scientist, lawyer, or nurse, then i definitely enjoyed attending all of my university classes, as well as I thought it was fun to learn new information about science, math, as well as history, then unluckyly, as much as I found university to be interesting, I also enjoyed laboring with my hands.

I took a few classes in university care about woodlaboring, metal shop, as well as baking.

I just needed to find that 1 thing that made me think happy. My best friend’s dad is in the HVAC repair in the street. My best friend as well as I always hung out at her house, but all of us watched her dad perform a number of HVAC repair tasks. My best friend’s dad was always laboring on a project in the garage. It made me want to labor on my own project… The older that II got, the more I wanted to labor with my hands instead. I finally found some nerve as well as courage 1 afternoon, as well as I told my Dad as well as dad that I was going to attend technical university instead of a traditional university. My Dad as well as dad seemed disappointed in the beginning, but now they realize that laboring with my hands was always my path. I am enrolled in university as well as I have many more months before I finish the HVAC program. I have l acquired a good deal as well as I can’t wait to apply the knowledge to real world laboring experience.


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