Controlling your thermostat with voice

I really can not stand those portable voice computers like that Alexa thing that everyone seems to have these days.

  • They never understand exactly what you say into it, and it does the exact reverse! I was givin one of these stupid Alexa computer thingies for Christmas by a friend.

I smiled and just took it. I planned to get rid of it and sell it on the internet for cheap. However, I wanted to try to see if I could get it to operate my smart thermostat correctly. I didn’t expect my smart thermostat to properly work with this. But much to my surprise when I tried it, the smart thermostat was actually doing what I told this Alexa thing to do! I told it to turn on the heating system, and the heating came on. Then I said turn on the air conditioning system, and it came on too! Then I wanted to run the real test and see if the temperature setting on the thermostat could be properly set through this thing. And I told it to set the thermostat to 70 degrees and to turn on the heating. And wow! It actually did it without me having to yell at the thing a million times! This got me thinking that maybe I will not get rid of this and just use it as a voice control for my smart thermostat! I won’t use it for anything else though. Because with everything else it is the usual headache. I tried it just to see…and yep, that’s exactly how it was. But at least I can use it successfully for my smart thermostat!

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