Could we win a new air conditioner?

My friends and I went to the county fair this weekend.

They had many different games, rides, and food stands.

One of my favorite things about the fair is the game. I never have much luck, but one of these days I am going to win a giant stuffed dinosaur. My friends and I spent most of the day on Saturday at the fair. They had a special on the admission price if you brought a can of food for the food drive. We only paid $5 for our admission instead of $15. That gave me an extra $10 for funnel cakes, frozen lemonade, and a turkey leg on a stick. While my friends and I were at the fair, we signed up for a contest to win a new air conditioner. Summer is only two months away and I could really use a new air conditioner for my mobile home. I purchased a new air conditioner for the bedroom last year, but I know that the air conditioner in the living room is almost ready to die. It has been making a strange noise for the past 2 months. I’m sure that my friends and I won’t win the air conditioner at the fair, but we decided it wouldn’t hurt to enter the contest. They are going to announce the winner of the new air conditioner at the end of the day on Friday. That is the last day of the fair and the last day that anyone can sign up to win the prize. All of the winners will be notified the very next day.

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