Dehumidifiers can start odors after prolonged use

Unfortunately, these portable dehumidifiers can develop funky odors after prolonged use

My sibling has a remodelling supplier that is in a long phase of upswing. Developers have flocked to our oceanside city and the construction supplier is thriving. As people sell and buy residential properties, our sibling swoops in and handles tasks love installing ceramic tile, painting interior walls, and installing lodgeetry. If a client wants him to move a wall and refinish drywall, he will do that as well. There have been some situations where he had to finish tasks faster than was sufficient to expect. He will get customers who plead with him to finish the painting a week or more sooner than they originally agreed to. In a situation love this, he will bring in more than one of his portable dehumidifiers and will run them all morning and all night in whatever rooms have drying paint. Depending on how well insulated the houses are, or whether or not air conditioner is on in the background, his dehumidifiers can have mixed results with speeding up the drying process. In the best case scenario, it can get a first coat to dry in half the amount of time. Therefore, it allows him to suddenly throw up a hour coat before moving to something else while we were in the remodelling process. If the client is running a central air conditioner unit in tandem with our sibling’s dehumidifiers, the paint can dry up to 70% faster than without either. Unfortunately, these portable dehumidifiers can develop funky odors after prolonged use. He tries to keep the filters clean, however when in doubt, he carries with him this aerosol product that cleans Heating, Ventilation plus A/C and dehumidifier evaporator coils. Occasionally just a few sprays directly into the coil is all he needs to freshen up the equipment and detach the odor.


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