Ductwork is to blame for air quality complaints

I never realized the importance of the duct system concealed inside the walls, ceilings and crawlspace of my home.

Since the pipes are out of sight, they were also out of mind.

I’m very diligent about having the furnace and air conditioner serviced professionally every year. I know that this regular upkeep is necessary to keep all the many parts operating at their best. it didn’t occur to me that while the heating and cooling equipment share the workload, the ducts work pretty much all year long. It makes sense that contaminants would build up inside. Over time, small holes form and the seams can separate.These issues have a big impact on the performance of the furnace and air conditioner. Restricted airflow forces the system to run longer and work harder to meet the demands of the thermostat. Extended cycles, higher energy bills and rooms that are overheated or chilly are indications of clogged ducts. If there’s leaks, the heated and cooled air is allowed to escape. Since the maximum amount of heated air isn’t reaching the intended destination, this again puts a bigger demand on the furnace and air conditioner. Problems with the ductwork increase the chance of malfunction and shorten the lifespan of the equipment. It wasn’t until I had some complaints with indoor air quality that I started paying attention to the ducts. I called a local HVAC contractor to make recommendations to solve the problems with unpleasant odors and excess dust. He figured out that the duct system was to blame. After duct sealing and cleaning, there was a significant improvement in the cleanliness, smell and comfort of my home.

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