Finally taking care of my HVAC

Sometimes, I can be a bit dense.

These afternoons, the people I was with and I are all sort of running on a continual hamster wheel, chasing our tails in an attempt to get everything done in our lives.

This means that our lives are regularly being pulled in all directions at once. I think it can legitimately be overwhelming for me to deal with. I think highly about myself if I can just get my men fed & delivered on time to where they need to be. All this technology we purchased that was supposed to make our lives easier seems to have just overrun our lives. My weekly limits are being reached, that’s for sure. Our current situation with the Heating, Ventilation, & A/C is a prime example of our failures. Our heating & cooling device is entirely on the down slope of its lifetime of productivity. But, the facts are that the people I was with and I still desperately need a few more years to save for a new 1. So, I have made a plan to do all I can to maintain some efficiency while trying to keep this broken heater going a few more years. I started by sealing every single gap, hole, crack or seam on the exterior & interior of the house for better efficiency. I even made sure the attic was sealed off & I added extra insulation for good measure. Keeping the Heating, Ventilation, & A/C treated air properly inside the lake house is a good way to reduce the unfortunate load on the heating & cooling equipment. I also had all the air ducts resealed & I hung solar drapes. Finally, I got over my fear and started programming the thermostat to work far less while I was in the peak heating hours.

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