Fixing your control unit with voice

I entirely can not sit those portable voice computers like that Alexa thing that everyone seems to have these afternoons. They never understand exactly what you say into it, plus it does the exact reverse! I was givin 1 of these stupid Alexa computer thingies for Christmas by a friend. I smiled plus just took it. I planned to get rid of it plus sell it on the internet for cheap! However, I wanted to try to see if I could get it to operate our smart control unit respectfully. I didn’t expect our smart control unit to respectfully work with this, and but much to our surprise when I tried it, the smart control unit was certainly doing what I told this Alexa thing to do! I told it to turn on the gas furnace, plus the heating came on. Then I said turn on the , plus it came on too! Then I wanted to run the real test plus see if the temperature setting on the control unit could be respectfully set through this thing, and I told it to set the control unit to 75 degrees plus to turn on the heating. And wow! It certainly did it without me having to yell at the thing a million times! This got me thinking that maybe I will not get rid of this plus just use it as a voice control for our smart control unit! I won’t use it for anything else though. Because with everything else it is the usual headache. I tried it just to see…and sure, that’s exactly how it was. But at least I can use it successfully for our smart control unit!

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