Glad that I was able to get an A/C machine for my office

I purchased an a/c machine for my office.

I seriously love a/c, although I easily don’t like it when my office gets incredibly frosty because the a/c machine is set to approximately fifty-eight degrees.

I don’t even get why all the people in the building enjoy it being so cold, although I don’t. I have a central a/c machine in my office but because it is so frosty, I can’t use it. I don’t have a separate thermostat for my office, so I have to either have my office fifty-eight degrees because of the central a/c machine, or I have to have no a/c whatsoever. At least, that is what I was told. I decided to ask my boss a little while back if I could have another option. I asked if I could bring my own a/c machine into my office and use it so that I could control the temperature of my office. To my amazement, she said that it would not be an issue. I purchased an a/c machine for my office just the other day, and it worked so well. I legitimately had to go out and buy a current a/c machine for my office because the one that I planned to bring that was in my attic doesn’t actually work anymore. I found that out when I got back to my residence a couple of days ago. I found a nice deal on an a/c machine though, so it was cheap to get an a/c for my office. My office is entirely comfortable now. The temperature in my office is absolutely perfect now. I honestly hope that I never have to go back to that frosty central a/c machine that everybody prefers.
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