Group physical training class specifically designed for seniors

I was to hear about a senior fitness class offered at the local fitness center.

Students were required to be 65 or older to sign up for the class.

The fitness training is entirely geared toward the specialized needs of senior citizens. They focus on improving balance, range of motion and strength. We work with very light hand weights and resistance bands. I enjoy the opportunity to interact with people my own age. Everyone in the class is in surprisingly good physical condition. This is definitely because we all have focused on our health for a very long time. We are conscientious about eating right and taking good care of our bodies. That’s why we all made the effort to sign up for the class. Despite good physical fitness and diet habits, we all share some common complaints with aches and pains. We deal with issues with arthritis, muscle cramps, stiffness, trouble sleeping and balance concerns. This class is designed to help with all that. The instructor definitely customizes the exertion level to push us just enough. We all have a lot of fun during the class while being serious about getting the most out of it. The class has been so popular that there are plans to add another session. I am excited that the next session will be moved to the swimming pool. I have heard really great things about aquatic aerobics. It is very low impact and yet the water provides resistance. I think it will be fun yet super beneficial.

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