Gymnast looking for more well-rounded workout routine to improve strength

Gymnastics training is something I’ve been doing since I was just two years old! I was growing up when I decided to progress and compete as a gymnast. I advanced through the various levels in high school, eventually earning a college scholarship. While I competed and did well in school, my goal to become an Olympian was not totally realized. I simply loved the athletic activity! Hitting new levels and keeping physically fit was a great thing. I’ve graduated from school and now work a normal job, but I still actively work on my gymnastics! However, I’ve observed that my athletic activity targets particular muscle groups over others. There are areas of my body that were over-developed, and in turn they were overworked. Others seemed to be entirely neglected! Everything I did for fitness was directly related to gymnastics. During my workouts, I did nothing but handstands, walkovers, back handsprings, tucks and all kind of stuff. My thighs, triceps and abdominal muscles were always under stress! Meanwhile, my biceps were largely ignored. I wasn’t happy with the appearance of my body, so I wanted to become a more well-rounded athlete. With no idea of how to go about any other style of training, I contacted a personal trainer! I explained my situation, and in turn they set up a more complete exercise regimen for me. She’s included a ton of low-weight, high-repetition weight training for me which I frankly can’t stand, but it’s working – so can I really complain?

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