HVAC Comfort Helps Difficult Pregnancy

Looking at the giant belly on my body still just shocks me every morning.

I have always been very fit and athletic so to see me gain this much weight is crazy to me.

I mean, I knew I would gain weight when I got pregnant, I just didn’t realize it would be this much in one area. This is just one of the things that makes me wonder what I was thinking when my husband and I decided to start a family. We spent months considering the changes having a child would bring to our lives. It’s not like we got drunk and found a hotel room with HVAC. There were many plans and discussions concerning the realities of starting a family. We made many plans and figured it may take a while to get pregnant. Well, that went right out the window as I got pregnant right away. I was going to be big fat pregnant during the heat of summer. Our house has decent HVAC cooling but it is lacking in some areas of the floorplan. Then, the doctor sent me to bed in the middle of my seventh month. More as a precaution but that meant no more going to the office. I tried to work from home but that wasn’t really realistic. I was also going from too hot to too cold in our bedroom. My husband had the HVAC guy come out to give us some solutions that wouldn’t require me jumping up out of bed to adjust the HVAC thermostat. Actually, the solution was quite simple. The HVAC tech installed a smart thermostat. This thermostat also has an app that I can put on my phone. Now, as I deal with my challenging pregnancy, I can at least adjust the HVAC remotely from my phone.
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