I decided to buy an HVAC service plan from a door salesperson

It is not a very common thing that I ever decided to buy something from a telemarketer or a door to door sales rep… I usually hang up the phone or don’t answer if I believe it happens to be a sales call.

And with door to door sales I either choose to slam the door in their face or simply do not answer at all… However the other month I made the decision to answer the door for one of these people because they were young plus looked sort of like a university kid just trying to make a little extra money while going to university.

I was able to tell that I wasn’t going to be dealing with your official sleazy plus dishonest scammer that these people are. The kid was selling an HVAC service plan for a local heating plus a/c supplier that I have dealt with before. So I knew that this heating plus a/c supplier was perfectly legit plus not some run of the mill fly by evening. The HVAC service plan that they were offering sounded pretty good plus I entirely had been thinking about getting an HVAC service plan with some heating plus a/c equipment corporation. So I figured why not do it now plus help this university kid make a sale all at the same time. I decided to go for it plus all I had to do to get a year’s worth of the HVAC service plan was sign on the dotted line of the contract he was offering! No hidden scam or anything crazy like that! It was perfectly plain plus simple. So I signed up.

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