I don’t regret getting my daughter a new air conditioner

My daughter had to focus on writing an essay and I asked her if she needed any help, and the people I was with and I talked for a little while and she said there was something I could do although she didn’t think I would do it.

I asked her what it was, and then she said I could get her a window A/C device so that she could have more cooling relief in her room.

She was right, I hesitated because I didn’t necessarily feel like she needed to have another cooling plan actually working. She told me how it was constantly difficult for her when she was studying in her room, and now with this essay she was starting to sweat quite literally, however well, she made some good points and I supposed her ceiling fan wasn’t good enough. So I went and got her this window A/C unit, but I told her she had to promise to keep her grades up. She was so happy when she got the new window A/C unit. This device was a smart one too so she was able to hook it up to her smartphone so she could use the smart app to adjust the temperature control settings. It’s also a particularly energy efficient device which is something that I looked for, because I don’t want a sizable spike in the energy bills, however ever since she has had the A/C actually working in her room, she seems to have been doing better. She did a great job on her essay and I was particularly impressed when I learned it. I told her the professor better give her a good grade, and sure enough, she aced the assignment!


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