I entirely got blessed this week

I have to tell you that I entirely fell into some great luck this week! I was outside taking down my Christmas decorations when I seen my associate throwing out a ductless mini split air conditioning plan and a portable space heater! I instantly went over there and asked my associate why they were throwing out the ductless mini split air conditioning plan and the portable space heater! They said that the ductless mini split air conditioning plan was not blowing out the cool air really strong and the portable space furnace had a fuse blown; I looked at them kind of crazy and asked why they just didn’t have them repaired.

They told myself and others that to have them repaired was not worth it and that they purchased a new ductless mini split air conditioning plan on sale after Christmas and that they didn’t need a new portable space heater, however now I suppose a few things about repairing ductless mini split air conditioning units, and I have a spare fuse for the portable space heater, however so I asked them if I could just take them instead.

They laughed at myself and others and said “go for it!”, then little did they suppose that I could have these heat and cooling system products fully working again in less than 24 hours! I repaired them both and I am going to try to sell them on ebay to make some money! To myself and others this is a great little gift from the powers that be, because I could use the extra currency after all that I spent on gifts for my family over the holidays that just passed!

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