I experienced so many problems with my HVAC in my first home

Everyone easily remembers their first residence they had after moving away from their parents.

Even if it was just an apartment or a rental residence.

In my particular case, it was a rental residence. I can not say I have fond memories of it because the residence was not the greatest, but it was livable at least. The one thing though that I will not forget that caused me the most concern was the fact that the central heating and A/C machine never worked correctly. I had the property owner call the local heating and air conditioner machine business numerous times in the year that I had lived there. And every single time the heating and air conditioner machine business would come out to service or task on the central heat and a/c machine, they would find the issue I was dealing with and service it. Then within a few months it would easily break down all over again! It was totally ridiculous. Eventually one of the heating and air conditioner machine workers said that the property owner needed to replace the entire central heating and cooling machine and that this would solve the issues that had been going on. It was a rather outdated central heat and a/c machine. They communicated this to the property owner but the guy didn’t want to invest in a current and totally up-to-date central heating and A/C machine. He basically figured it was a rental residence so he didn’t really care… Well, because of this fact I decided not to renew my lease.

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