I left my phone sitting in the truck

My girlfriend bought me a brand new iPhone for Christmas this year.

I was excited about the gift and it was something that I wanted for a long time.

I was waiting for the new phone and I had not upgraded in a long time. I got the phone for Christmas and I took it to work for the first time after the new year. I was afraid the phone would become damaged while I was working on a boiler repair, so I decided to leave my phone sitting in the truck. I placed the phone under a small towel so it was not visible from the window. While I was working on the boiler repair in the grocery store, someone broke into my truck and stole the brand new iPhone. Thankfully the owner of the grocery store has cameras in the parking lot and the police found the culprit using the security videos. I never got my phone back, and they never found the phone on the criminal either. He must have dumped it or sold it to someone else. I had insurance and the insurance paid for a new phone. I didn’t have to pay an enormous amount of fees, since I had a police statement from the crime. That was the very last time I ever left my phone in the truck. I would rather pay for damage that needs to be repaired than pay for a brand new phone. I had to replace all of my contacts and customers and that alone took hours of my time.


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