I like to save money on my AC bills

The summer months are upon us & I know this not just by the temperature on my thermometer, but stepping outside, I can hear the sound of HVAC equipment doing their cooling thing.

It is not easy to get through Summer in this region of the country.

It takes a little planning, a bit of strategy & management as well. First, let me begin by saying that attempting to get through the Summer months without proper AC would be something I would steer away from. The heat & humidity would simply kill me, not to mention how much time would be spent trying to mitigate all the bacteria. Just flipping on the AC & letting it run is not exactly a winning solution either. Perhaps if I could afford to throw money away, but still, that’s just wasteful. It does not take a lot of effort to make sure there’s value for the money I spend on my HVAC bills. The AC setting has to be appropriate for the level of heat outside. I have the thermostat set so it can rise as the temperature outside rises. Likewise, it comes down in the evening so my apartment is cool and comfortable for sleeping. Additionally, I take a few other steps. The apartment gets sealed up so my cool air doesn’t escape. Then, I make sure that direct sunlight isn’t interfering & raising my inside air temperature by closing shades & curtains. Like I said, it does not take all that much to make sure the money spent on HVAC isn’t being thrown away.

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