I like to save money while running my AC system

Summer is upon us plus I know this not just by looking at the numbers on the thermostat.

If I walk outside, I can hear a chorus of AC units doing their cooling thing for each house on my street.

It isn’t self-explanatory to get through summer when you live in this region. It takes some planning, a lot of strategy plus management as well. First, let me start by saying that attempting to get through the summer without quality A/C isn’t an option. The heat plus humidity levels would simply overwhelm me, not to mention how much time would be spent mitigating all the mold & mildew. If I flip on the Heating and A/C plus let it rip, it won’t do me any good either. Perhaps if I was someone who could throw money away, but that’s still wasteful. It doesn’t take a lot to make sure there’s value for the money I spend on running my AC system. The A/C setting has to be perfect for the level of heat outside. I have my thermostat set so it can rise as the temperature outside rises, but it comes down during the evening so my home is nice plus pleasant for sleeping. Additionally, I take a few other steps. My home gets sealed up nice and good so the A/C doesn’t escape. Then, I make sure that direct sunlight isn’t interfering plus raising the temperature of the air inside by closing the shades plus curtains. Like I said, it doesn’t a ton to be sure the money I spend on A/C is not being wasted.



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