I made the final decision to remove the various bees in our yard

For a long time now, I’ve constantly had bumble bees in our yard! Not just bumble bees, however also honeybees plus odd kinds of wasps such as yellow jackets, but I am quite fond of bees of all kinds.

Plus, I constantly thought they were pretty cute, so I constantly left them alone plus let them do their thing in our garden.

Wasps I was a little bit less fond of, but I observed as long as I left them alone, they usually minded their own business, however, that all changed when our first son was born… However, the first few years were okay, although once he started walking plus becoming active outdoors, this is when problems began to occur. He was fairly interested in the bees we had, which didn’t pose a problem to me, until he tried to grab them. Unfortunately, he was stung by one on his hand. I didn’t suppose too much, until his hand started swelling plus he began to get bumps all over his hand plus he started feeling dizzy. I had to rush him to the hospital, where I found he was extremely allergic to bees. Thankfully he was okay, however after that, I had to call out a local honey bee rescue place to come plus collect most of the available bees. However, as for yellow jacket removal, I didn’t want to kill the wasps, so I opted for relocation; then probably 90% were disconnected, which was kind of saddening, however it was necessary in keeping our son safe. Thankfully since then, the bee plus wasp populations will only spike every 5 years plus I just rinse plus repeat.

Wasp Removal

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