I searched for the space heater in the wrong spot

Right now, I am staying with my parents for a few a while.

  • My partner and I are traveling for business.

Instead of renting a hotel we decided to stay with my parents. We have a great relationship and are able to get along the whole time. However, there is something wrong with their oil furnace, and it is problematic. For some reason, the oil furnace does not heat the top floor of their beach house all that well. I don’t mind too much because I like sleeping in the cold. I have a baby as well, and she sleeps in the other room on the same floor. The oil furnace heats the room a tiny bit, but does not keep it hot enough to heat the other room for my baby. I asked my dad what else we could do, and he recommended that I find a space heater. He told me that I could go look in the barn for a space heater. I searched in that barn for nearly a half hour before giving up. I told my dad that I could not find the space heater, and he asked where I looked. I told him that I looked for the space gas furnace in the barn, and he thought I was crazy. He said that the space gas furnace was in the basement. The space gas furnace was there. I sure am glad that I finally found that space heater, but I know that he mentioned the barn first. Hopefully, the space gas furnace will keep the room hot enough for my baby to be comfortable while she is sleeping.



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