I tried to catch it in time, however it fell to the ground

I have more than one boys living in our home that are constantly getting into trouble.

They aren’t teenagers yet, however they caused enough trouble for five teenagers, however last weekend, the boys were running around the home playing with some Nerf guns.

I didn’t mind that they were having fun, until they started to wrestle. They were playing at first, and then 1 of the boys got angry; Brad shoved Brian right into the Heating & Air Conditioning device that was sitting in the window. Before I could move, the Heating & Air Conditioning device started to fall out the window. I tried to catch the Heating & Air Conditioning device in time, however it fell directly to the ground with a loud thud. The boys instantly stopped what they were doing and look at our face. They knew that I was genuinely angry. They started apologizing as I walked outside to look at the disfigured Heating & Air Conditioning equipment. Luckily, the device fell to the ground in the middle of our flower patch. The soft dirt and flowers created a soft place for the Heating & Air Conditioning device to land. There was a dent on the back side, however the rest of the device was still in great shape. I made the boys scrub up the mess and bring the device back into the house. The window sill had many peculiar scratches, but I carefully placed the device back in its place. I genuinely didn’t expect the device to start up and work after falling from 6 ft. I was pleasantly surprised when the device appeared to still work well. It saved our sons from being grounded for weeks.

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