I want a smart thermostat to keep track of my air filter replacements

One thing that I’m always forgetting to do on a regular basis is replace the air filters in our Heating & A/C system.

I can remember a lot, but I never remember to get the oil changed in our car, & I constantly forget to return my library books, so remembering to replace the air filters in the Heating & A/C machine is not at the top of my list of priorities! Anyway, this has constantly been a concern for me, ever since I decided to own a home of my own.

I never signed up for regular oil furnace repair & maintenance servicing, either, & so I didn’t even have a Heating & A/C serviceman to replace the air filters out for me on a regular basis. I’d constantly end up having issues with the indoor air pollen levels in this house & I couldn’t understand why. A few days later I would remember that I’d forgotten to replace the air filters. It got to be super annoying, so when I ended up having to find a new thermostat unit, I was happy to find a digital programmable thermostat that had a flashing notification on the digital screen to let me know when the air filters needed to be replaced. Well, as soon as I noticed that feature, I knew I had to get that thermostat! I actually wanted to invest in a smart thermostat, but I had no idea that it would be this helpful to me. I appreciated the reminders about increasing the air filters. For forgetful people similar to me, reminders are super helpful.


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