I want to replace the ventilation system in our house, however our spouse says it’s too costly

I have really been thinking about replacing the ventilation system in our house, however our spouse Chad says that he thinks it’s too costly, however i recognize care about the entire Heating plus A/C system in our apartment is outdated plus aged! We’ve had the same heating plus A/C component since we moved in here 15 years ago plus we’ve never done any replaces to it, however chad is 1 of those guys who says that if it’s not broken, we shouldn’t fix it, but I personally would care about having some relaxing indoor air pollen levels in our apartment for once plus I don’t believe that we are getting that with our current heating plus A/C unit, then at first I just wanted to get a modern energy efficient gas oil furnace plus a modern central air conditioning component for the apartment however the more I thought about it, the more I realized that we need even more than that, our Heating plus A/C system could use a complete overhaul.

When I told Chad that I wanted to have an Heating plus A/C supplier come plus rip out all of the ventilation ducts plus air vents in our apartment plus replace them with modern 1s, he looked at me care about I had grown two heads.

Chad says that our ventilation ducts are nice plus that while we might need a more energy efficient heating plus cooling system, we don’t need to go overboard; Maybe he’s right, however I care about to do things right if I’m going to do them at all! I believe that’s just how I am plus awful Chad has to deal with it.

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