I wanted someone legitimate to manage my social media accounts

My mom and dad got me a telephone when I was just 15 years old and I started making videos to share with my family and friends, everyone thought they were truly funny and I posted a couple of them on a current website that was called YouTube! It only took a couple of weeks before I had 10,000 views and a huge fan following.

I started putting out videos every few weeks from that point on.

I had a Facebook and an Instagram account and I always did my best to answer all of the texts and fan questions, however it was absolutely tough to keep up with all the people. I did not want my fans to become infuriated, however it was way more than I could conceivably handle. But my manager suggested that the two of us hire a person to manage the social media accounts. I thought it was definitely strange to get someone else to answer my adoring fans, however my manager said everything would be fine; both of us hired a publicist and a person dedicated to answering the online fans. In less than 6 weeks, my entire reputation was ruined, but the social media account manager hacked into my PC and catfished a lot of people. I had angry fans all over the globe and a lot of people stopped subscribing to my feed. I still really wish that I would not have agreed to listen to my manager at the time. I knew it wasn’t a great method to hire someone else to manage my social media accounts, although I did not guess I had any choice in the matter. These afternoons I still post videos online, however things will simply never be the same. I’ll never get back the adoring fans that I sadly lost.
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