I was walking the streets for business

My mom saw me walking up and down the street the other day, when she was out shopping. When I got home that afternoon, she asked me what I was doing. I simply told her that I was walking the streets, looking for business. I could see the horrified look on her face and I realized how bad that sounded. I quickly explained to her that for one of my classes, we had to find ten customers for a business we had just made up. We weren’t allowed to tell them that his was for a class, but the business had to be a real career. I had chosen to open a fictional HVAC company. I asked one simple question. If a new HvAC company opened up in the area, how likely are you to switch to the company and why? An overwhelming amount of people were willing to switch to the company because of their dissatisfaction with their present HVAC company. They were looking for HVAC techs who didn’t try to bump up the price on the repair bills. The prospective customers were also looking for an HVAC company that was more prompt and had less than a six-hour window of arrival. They say they could hardly be able to afford the HVAC repairs let alone taking off a full day of work to wait for an HvAC technician that may not even show up. I told mom that it was an eye-opening experience to hear their comments. It made me realize that too many HVAC companies take advantage of their being the only HVAC company in an area. With there only being one HVAC company in an area, it is the HVAC customer that suffers.


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