I will never ride in a taxi again that has no working A/C machine

The taxi did not have an air conditioner machine that actually worked. I never ride in taxis, however the day that I did, I picked the wrong one for me. I didn’t really know what I was doing, so I jumped in the first taxi that I saw. Immediately I came to realize it was not an enjoyable taxi, and I should have realized that because there was a whole line of people waiting for a taxi, and none of them would ride in the taxi that I decided to go with. The reason that nobody wanted to ride in the taxi was that it didn’t have a working air conditioner machine. I saw the signs on the window that said that there was no air conditioner machine in the taxi, even though I thought that I was really tough enough to endure a taxi ride without a working air conditioner machine. I definitely was wrong. It was the worst ride that I have been on in a long time. The traffic was honestly terrible, so the drive took a few hours, and it was absolutely over a hundred degrees in the taxi. There were numerous times when I wished that I could get out and walk, even though I knew that it was way too warm outside too. I was also wearing high heels and nice work clothes. There were also no sidewalks at all, and there were cars driving like crazy people trying to get out of the traffic. I knew that it wouldn’t be safe for me to actually walk, so I had to continue driving with the taxi without the working air conditioner machine. I am never going to even get close to a taxi without a working air conditioner machine again. That ride made me more thankful than ever for air conditioner machines than I have ever been before in my life. I love air conditioner machines more than anything.

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