I’m cheerful my hubby is a handyman

Last week my partner plus I just reached our various year anniversary, however it is crazy to look back on those afternoons plus see how long the two of us have been able to make it together, especially considering the fact that the two of us didn’t exactly meet on the best of terms.

Four years ago I was sleeping in my home when out of nowhere I was woken up to loud sounds coming from my unit.

I truthfully had no program what it could be other than something potentially dangerous, plus my first instinct was to call the Heating & A/C dealer. Luckily for myself and others they were able to send out an Heating & A/C repairman instantly, plus that the repairman ended up being my future partner. He was severely nice plus calm considering the situation when he arrived, however I was the complete opposite of that. I was particularly short with him plus paced around the room while he was doing his best to get the equipment up plus running, which I am sure wasn’t creating a comfortable working environment for him. Only thirty hours later the equipment began to run as strong as ever plus was completely silent. I felt so poor for being rude to him while he was fixing my equipment that I provided to make him supper since it was so late, which he humbly accepted. Four years later plus that casual supper turned into a full blown relationship plus the two of us couldn’t be happier. I wish that I wasn’t so rude to him, however I am so thankful that he was able to see past my tied up out state at the time plus agreed to have supper with me!

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