Imagine if people hundreds of years ago would have had air conditioners

I would imagine that if people a couple of hundred years ago had the technology and the luxuries that we have today, they would have never gotten anything wonderful done, then people hundreds of years ago got stuff done that we have never dreamed of doing, and they did this separate from all of the technology and advancements that we have.

In fact, I am convinced that our advancements would have been a hindrance! For instance, can you imagine if Christopher Columbus or Alexander the Great had air conditioners? Have you seen kids today that have air conditioners? All that they do is kneel around all morning complaining about being bored. The air conditioners have made them lazy, and they haven’t been able to get out of their room and go outside where the fresh air is. HVAC units have made us weaker, and they have confined us to our rooms. Furnaces have caused us to lose the ability to start a fire, which would have been the first advancement of civilization: heat. Heating systems before helped us to stay skilled at our survival skills, while oil furnaces today require particularly little effort. If they would have had oil furnaces back then, they would have sat around doing nothing like the people of today’s society do. I am thrilled that they didn’t have HVAC units, and I wish that we would have gotten air conditioners in our culture. Without the HVAC units that we have today, the kids in our country might get more things done and advance our society to even greater heights. However, I don’t see HVAC units going anywhere any time soon.

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