Importance of early heater service

Catching them early is the key

It’s very important to service your heater before the winter actually rolls in. HVAC technicians get busy in the fall season, and their schedules fill up quickly. If your ductwork isn’t properly sealed the rooms in your house won’t easily reach the desired temperature, costing you dearly on your next electricity bill. Also, leaky air ducts allow that heated air to leave the house. Not only is it stressful on the heater, but it will raise your energy bills. You are paying for heated air to leave the house. The heater never turns off, and as a result, expect more heating bills. When ducts are properly sealed and connected to the air conditioner, the heater operates with better efficiency and can heat your house considerably faster. Whether it is hooked up to a gas line, or an old-fashioned wood burner you should also inspect your fireplace before the winter arrives to make sure it is still safe to use. Using a fireplace will take some of the weight of responsibility from the HVAC system and help save some money. While the initial cost of a certified HVAC technician may seem a bit high, the amount of money you would spend if something went wrong with your heater would be staggering. Simple maintenance plans can spot defects in your equipment. Catching them early is the key. Fall is the best time to pick up the phone and get a HVAC contractor to your house. Their schedules are not as busy and the furnace maintenance costs are significantly less.



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