It just flew out of the house

I knew it was time to get my grandmother out of her home and either move her in with me or in a retirement facility.

I knew she needed someone to watch over her more closely than she was being watched at the moment.

I went to visit a couple of weeks ago and she was sitting in a hot house. I knew she had a window air conditioning in the house, and I couldn’t understand why it wasn’t on. I went into the living room to turn the AC unit on, but it wasn’t there. I asked Grandma what happened to the air conditioning and she told me it just flew out of the house. I thought maybe she didn’t hear me right because she was also going deaf. Once again I asked her what happened to the air conditioning unit. Once again she told me that it just flew out of the house. She patted my cheek as if to say I should be listening better. I went next door and I asked the gentleman there if he knew what had happened to my grandmother’s air conditioner. He said that she told him it flew out the window, but it had to have been pushed. He told me he had been there earlier that day and the AC unit wasn’t working. He told her she may need a new air conditioner and she told him she would take care of it and thanked him for coming over. I asked Grandma if she helped the air conditioner fly out the window. She patted my cheek and told me, “Of course, Dear. Of course.”.


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