It’s an average morning here

I toil as an Heating and A/C repair tech for a residing.

As I have come to learn during our time working in this industry it has become clear to me that there is no respected morning at work, however working in an office setting or having a run of the mill desk job revolves around daily tasks that occur every morning.

However working as an Heating and A/C repair tech the number one thing you learn is that the only thing that is respected are the crazy events that take place during a morning, however i can suppose back to our first morning on the job when I was out on a repair call in the city. I ended up being welcomed into a house that aromaed so bad that I could hardly focus on anything else. Apparently the owner of the home had been having a strenuous time getting his a/c unit to turn on when he wanted it to. I put on a brave face plus performed a basic repair check on the broken down unit plus It didn’t take long to figure out what the complication was. A pair of giant mice had been able to make their way within the unit plus had gotten stuck. As they sat stuck in the unit their terrible aroma had been transferred throughout the house thanks to a absolutely strong ventilation system, and the fact that they had been able to even sleep in that home before having someone help them with the complication astonishes me. That’s the life of an Heating and A/C tech however, you never guess what to expect.

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