I’ve been forgetting to switch out my air filters, so I found something to fix that

One thing that I’m constantly forgetting to do on a regular basis is switch out the air filters in my Heating plus Air Conditioning unit.

  • I’m forgetful about almost everything.

I never remember getting the oil changed in my car, plus I constantly neglect to take my books back to the library. Remembering to switch out the air filters in my Heating plus Air Conditioning unit isn’t ever at the top of my list of things to handle. Anyway, this has constantly been a problem for me, ever since I bought my first house. I never signed up for a regular furnace service plus maintenance plan either, so I didn’t even have a Heating plus Air Conditioning company to switch out the air filters for me on a normal basis. I would constantly end up experiencing problems with the indoor air quality in my house plus I couldn’t even assume why. A few mornings later I would remember that I had forgotten to switch out the air filters, yet again. It got to be aggravating. When I ended up having to purchase an up-to-date temperature control unit, I was thrilled to find a digital programmable thermostat that flaunted a flashing notification on the digital screen that let me know when my air filters needed to be switched out. Well, as soon as I noticed this feature, I was sold on that unique temperature control! I definitely wanted to get a smart thermostat, despite the fact that I had no clue that it would be so beneficial for me. I savor the reminders about switching out the air filters. For forgetful people similar to me, reminders are super helpful.


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