Just a haircut leads to harassment

You wouldn’t even believe what I’ve been going through.

In fact, I saw the note on the front door as I pulled into the driveway and was immediately filled with rage.

This will be the third ugly note that I have received in a month. No, I am not being stalked & I don’t have a crazed neighbor who is harassing mean. These threatening letters are being stuck on my door by the HOA. They don’t even have the class to properly mail them to me. This all started a bit over a month ago when I made a terrible mistake in my yard. Sure, every one of us need standards in our community in order to be sure the property values are expertly protected. However, I belong to an HOA that is simply a bunch of nutjobs. My kid got a little insane with the hedge clippers on 1 sunny side of the house. It was 1 of those deals where a well-meaning guy is attempting to even a cut but does too much. The hedges are currently a bit too short. This has the HOA losing their shit, as my Heating, Ventilation, & A/C condenser cabinet can now be easily seen from the road. I got a phone call about this just a few afternoons after the terrible hedge was cut. The HOA common was a complete jerk on the phone & I told him several times that he could just wait numerous weeks until the hedge grows. This didn’t solve anything. Well, I have been a patient guy for a month so far & that has gotten me nowhere. My fiance is a killer trial lawyer, so, I suppose we’ll be sending some letters on our behalf.
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