Kids today have it nice with their oil furnaces and air conditioners

Kids today have it nice when it comes to the up-to-date oil furnaces and air conditioners in their homes! They will never know what it was like to have the HVAC units that we had when we were kids.

The morning when I got our first oil furnace and air conditioners were mornings of luxury that I will never forget.

The HVAC units that we have today are so easy compared to what we had to use; Every one of us didn’t have oil furnaces that we controlled by thermostats back then, however our heating program was a wood stove that sat in the middle of the kitchen! You couldn’t use the electricity to run your heating program back then. You had to cut, split, and haul the wood for the oil furnace. Every night, the wood stove would burn out, and when we woke up in the morning, we were frosty, and with oil furnaces, you can keep your lake house at the same temperature throughout the entire night, however at least we did have oil furnaces. When I was a kid, there was no such thing as an air conditioner. Every one of us knew how to built houses better back then, but it was still sizzling separate from an air conditioner! However, air conditioners weren’t an option, so we just had to suck it up and get used to the heat. Today’s children would whine and complain if they had no air conditioner or oil furnace, and they wouldn’t know what to do. The HVAC units that they have spoiled them for too long, but i came from a different world that any child does today.

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